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Zensah Fresh Legs Maternity Compression Socks are the only compression socks to incorporate arch support, which allows your legs to last longer. They also increase circulation and improve performance. They incorporate ProGrade Compression technology. The optimal amount of compression for athletes helping to increase oxygen blood flow. Engineered using seamless technology for superior comfort. Graduated compression provides muscle support, increases cirulation, and reduces edema when traveling. Zensah Fabric is both anti-microbial, and thermo-regulating. This is great for racing, recovery and traveling. These socks contain silver ions that regulate body temperature keeping legs cool and fresh. 
They prevent swollen feet. When I was pregnant, I suffered from awful swollen feet…REALLY bad. I moreso had swollen feet AFTER I had my Bella. My feet are so sensitive, and I didn’t like the socks they put on my feet in the hospital. With Zensah, I can have these soft socks on without going crazy.
Edema is defined as an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin or in one or more cavities of the body. Generally, the amount of interstitial fluid is determined by the balance of fluid homeostasis, and increased secretion of fluid into the interstitium or impaired removal of this fluid may cause edema.
I would have loved to have owned these interesting socks when I was pregnant! They would have helped SO much with my poor swollen feet/legs! Zensah offers these socks in a variety of colors.
Description from their website:
What is Some of the Technology?

Fresh Legs Maternity Socks feature graduated compression which increases circulation and oxygen blood flow. Quite simply this will act to minimize swelling and thereby relieve pain from the arches to the calves. Pin-point compression goes to work on the exact source of the pain offering a massage-like experience. It will feel like your legs are getting a hug!

What is Some of the Science?

Compression helps stabilize muscle tissue keeping the swelling of muscle fibers at a micro and manageable level. This will prevent the pain that comes from the swelling of the arches that normally occurs during pregnancy.

Gravity can cause a build-up of fluid in the muscles and surrounding tissue. This build-up of fluid increases swelling and increases pain sometimes making it unbearable just to sit or stand. Fresh Legs Compression helps reduce this inflammation while the fabric will make you feel like you are getting an energizing and soothing massage.

Fresh Legs: Get Fresh!”

You can purchase these maternity compression socks from their website for $49.99. Be sure to check out their website for more products! 
Disclaimer: I received a pair of maternity compression socks from Zensah free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.

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