Wordless Wednesday – Froot Loops

Imagine…walking into your child’s room and seeing this. The joys of toddlerhood. Don’t ask me how she got ahold of an entire Froot Loops box. Beats me.

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    Been there quite a few times!! Between having my oldest son cover our entire living room with baby powder (imagine vacuuming that powder…took me 2 hours); dropping, by accident, a Costco-sized brand-new syrup bottle on the carpet (which then lead to ants); and they also emptied a pillow full of tiny bits of foam.

    What did you do with all the Fruit Loops?

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    Oh my boys did that last week with a Family Size box of Cheez Its in the living room, roughly 12 minutes before the speech therapy team were scheduled to arrive at the house for my little ones speech assessment. I was one busy mama running around trying to get it clean before they showed up!

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    Back in the early 80’s, I was sick on the couch with the flu. During one of napping episodes, my son (14 months) went into the laundry room and carried a cup at a time… and emptied almost a full large box of powdered laundry detergent all over the living room. Remember those really tall boxes of detergent. I didn’t need to use shampoo when shampooing the carpet for almost a year!

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    My dogs would have loved that. I had mine use an entire bottle of baby powder in his room one day. That was the day I learned he could unlock the baby gate I used when I took a shower, lol. I bet making the mess was so much fun.

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