Why We Love BabyComfyCare’s Nail Deluxe Safety Clipper + Nasal Aspirator!



I’m not expecting (that I know of yet – FX that it’s soon), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know a thing or two about baby products. This blog started when Bella was just 9 months old. While she’s almost six (cue the tears), I still remember what it’s like to have and take care of an infant. Two of the trials of taking care of a baby include cutting teeny tiny microscopic nails and sucking boogers out of a wiggly nose. Those two necessary tasks can make even the most patient mother bear run for the hills. 

BabyComfyCare offers products to help new moms have an easier time with cutting nails and sucking snot. I was given the opportunity to review their Nail Deluxe Safety Clipper and their Nasal Aspirator. 



Since babies obviously cannot blow their own nose, they’re going to need your help. That is where a nasal aspirator comes in handy. When Bella was a baby, I used the one like they have at the hospital, and it did not do a well enough job that I would rely on it again with the next baby. Thankfully, I can now rely on BabyComfyCare’s nasal aspirator to get baby through tough times. Nobody likes stuffy, mucus-filled nostrils!




This nasal aspirator is so easy to use, which is something that every mom needs. We don’t need a plethora of steps to make our lives even harder. All you have to do is put the tip on the baby’s nostril and the opposite end in your mouth…then just gently breathe in. 

Don’t let the picture fool you – the snot does NOT get sucked into your mouth! 



All you need is every day tissue to use as the filter. Nothing else! You are never in contact with the mucus.

It also comes with two nose tips: newborn and standard. This aspirator grows with your baby and safely fits on their nostril so there’s no discomfort involved. Another feature that I appreciate is that it includes a dishwasher mesh bag that holds all the parts for when you need to wash them. After washing, just throw it in your diaper bag or medicine cabinet, and you’re good to go! 



Baby nails sure are cute, but you have to whip out your magnifying glass to even see them! Cutting them is the worse. Take away the fact that their nails are small, but babies just downright loathe nail cutters. They wiggle their way out of your clutches just to get out of not having tiny razor blades for fingernails. Tiny fingernails + wiggly babies = accidents happen.

With BabyComfyCare’s Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper, you don’t have to worry about accidentally snagging your baby’s skin because they won’t sit still. 



Thanks to it’s single-blade technology, these clippers won’t cut your baby’s skin. The bottom flat plastic ledge pushes away the baby’s skin so the top blade only cuts the nail. It extends just a bit so you don’t clip the sensitive nailbed. Since baby loves to move around and try to escape your grasp, these clippers are larger than traditional clippers, which makes it easier to hold and operate. 




The Nasal Aspirator is $14, and the Deluxe Safety Nail Clippers is $16. Both are available for purchase online via BabyComfyCare.com and in stores at Walgreens and Babies R Us.



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