What to Pack for Your Upcoming Disney World Trip

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You’ve booked your trip, and you’re counting down the days until you step foot into the most magical place on Earth. It’s now time to start packing and/or purchasing items that will be useful for your vacation. We know you need to pack clothing, hygiene products, and a camera…but what else could be helpful for your stay? Stick around, and I’ll tell you what you’re going to want to pack!


  • Baby Wipes: Even if you don’t have an infant to tote around, baby wipes will come in handy when you need to clean messes or dirty hands. I wish I had a small pack of wipes whenever my daughter ate a Premium Mickey Bar! She wound up with melted chocolate all over her face and hands. It’s not easy to eat one of those without creating a mess, so baby wipes will do the trick to make those hands and that face sparkly clean.
  • Extra Shoes: It’s a good idea to bring two (or more, if you can) pairs of walking shoes. You’re going to be doing A LOT of walking at the World…think 6-8 miles per day. Having an extra pair of shoes will give your feet some relieve and will extend the life of your sneakers.
  • Rain Covers for Strollers: If you’re bringing a stroller, I strongly advise you to pack a rain cover to keep your stroller from becoming soaked. Central Florida is notorious for frequent, yet usually brief, thunderstorms. You can purchase one through Amazon HERE.
  • Spray Fan: Unless you want to fork over $30~ for a spray fan, I suggest purchasing your own at a cheaper price. I can’t survive visiting during the summer months without my spray fan! You can purchase an adorable Finding Nemo spray fan through Amazon HERE.
  • Ponchos: Again, if you don’t want to buy overpriced ponchos inside of the parks, I recommend purchasing a few prior to your trip. Wet clothes can create chafing, which can totally bring down your mood during your vacation. I know it did mine! You can buy a pack of 10 ponchos through Amazon HERE.
  • Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags have multiple uses, including organizing clothes for each particular day, storing your phones/cameras during Kali River Rapids, storing extra snacks and using as ice packs for any scrapes that might occur.
  • Gum: Okay, maybe this isn’t a must for every Disney-goer, but if you’re a gum-chewer, you’re going to need to purchase a pack before entering the parks as it not sold anywhere on Disney property.
  • Epsom Salt: Your feet are likely to be extremely sore at the end of the day. Pour some epsom salt into the tub and relax your aching feet.
  • Extra Batteries: Whether you’re bringing a simple point-and-click camera or a DSLR, you might want to consider bringing extra batteries. There’s so much to photograph at all of the Disney Parks that you’ll run out of battery life before you know it! I always pack two extra batteries for my DSLR just in case! I don’t want to miss catching precious moments because of a dead battery.
  • Moleskin: If you’re prone to getting blisters on your feet and toes like me, pack some moleskin! You can purchase moleskin through Amazon HERE.
  • Extra Pennies and Quarters: I love collecting pressed pennies for my daughter, so I make sure to have a couple pennies and quarters in my wallet just for the occasion.



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