What to Eat to Boost Fertility


Did you know that eating certain foods during your cycle can increase your likelihood of conceiving? Although eating these foods do not 100% guarantee a BFP (check out this post to discover what all these crazy Trying to Conceive acronyms mean), it can boost your chances and even help create a healthier lifestyle, which in turn – helps with fertility! 



Fish low in mercury – This includes salmon, sardines, whitefish, herring, anchovy and mackerel. Fish is a great source for omega-3’s. If you’re like me and don’t eat fish, you can take omega-3 supplements. Omega-3’s help with cervical fluid production.

Fruit – Not only is fruit healthy for you even when you’re not TTC, but it is packed with essential anti-free radicals vitamins and minerals. Free radicals can damage the ova, sperm and reproductive organs.

Nuts – Nuts promote testosterone production (no pun intended hehe) because of plant chemicals called phytosterols. Almonds are the best type of nut to eat due to it being high in zinc and L-arginine.

Oyster – Oyster is high in zinc, which helps with semen and testosterone production men, as well as with ovulation in women.



Pineapple core – Pineapple core actually aids in embryo implantation due to the bromelain in it.

Vegetables – The brighter, the better! You should aim to consume around 2 1/2 cups of vegetables a day. 

Water – Lots and lots of water! 

Whole-grain – When you eat refined grains, it is stripped of B vitamins, antioxidants, and iron, which are nutrients that come in handy when trying to conceive.



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