What I Love the Most About My Daughter…

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Time spent with just my daughter is coming to an end in a few months. She’s been my one and only for over seven years. Although I will make sure to dedicate one-on-one time with her, it won’t be quite the same. My goal over the next seven months is to create cherished memories and make her feel as special as possible. I want her to know that just because another baby is on it’s way, doesn’t mean she’s being replaced or that we love her any less. If anything, it means we love her so much that we want her to have a sibling to love. While they won’t exactly be growing up together, I have high hopes that they will have a close bond, despite the age difference.

As I sit here contemplating the pro’s and con’s of a second baby (he/she is on it’s way regardless!), I wanted to write down what I love the most about my daughter…



I love her sweet, kind spirit. She always gravitates towards those who are alone or upset and lends a hug or shoulder to cry on. She never wants anybody to feel left out of the group. If there’s a kid sitting by themselves at lunch, she’s the one who invites them to sit with her. While she’s faced adversity with bullies, she refuses to bully back.

I love how she always sees the good in people. She doesn’t focus on the negative traits in a person. Instead, she sees the positive glows in everyone. When others are gossiping about another person, she chooses to take the high road and let the person’s actions speak for themselves. Although she’s only (almost) 7, she never caves into peer pressure at the expense of others.



I love her brave soul. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge, except when it comes to trying new foods LOL. She’s always down to go on a roller coaster with me. What’s not to love about that?

I love her incredible sense of humor. She knows just what to say to ignite a riot of laughter. She’s insanely clever and witty for her age. Whenever I’m feeling down in the dumps, she puts on her own one-girl comedy show to get a smile out of me.

I love how excited she is to become a big sister…finally. It’s been a long time in the making, but she’s FINALLY going to earn her ‘Big Sister’ title that she’s been asking for since she was around 4 years old. She says that she’ll be my little helper, including changing diapers, as long as they aren’t “stinky” and “poopy”. 😛


Luckily for her, I’ve waited a long time to change diapers again. The things you didn’t think you’d miss when you’re longing for another baby!

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