What Bella Got for Christmas 2016

I know, I know. I’m late.

It’s all good. Who doesn’t love pictures of kids opening their presents?



The night before Christmas, I gave her a few presents, one being this Movie Snack Kit that includes two boxes of M&M’s and three bags of popcorn. We put on Santa Clause and munched down on the snacks! Bella was feeling under the weather and didn’t want to partake in many activities that I had planned, but she was able to at least do this.




She also received two amiibos for the Wii U. One of those being a Kirby amiibo! I think she likes the amiibo better than the game, as will be talked about later on.



Every time we walked into Game Stop or FYE, Bella gravitated to the Squid Sister amiibos


I couldn’t wait to see her open this Ladybug doll from Miraculous!



Bella loves Wonder Woman and was so happy to have a Wonder Woman doll finally!



Now on to Christmas Day!! Santa dropped by a bunch of gifts for Bella and the rest of the family. She was ecstatic to begin opening presents!



Bella received quite a bit from Santa Claus, including this My Life doll. She likes that it looks like her – same dark-ish eyes and glasses to boot!



She also received a Tsum Tsum Design Your Own Purse Activity set. She had fun decorating it on Christmas day and loves to carry around small stuffed animals inside.



This was one of the big gifts that Santa brought. Bella had been asking for Paper Mario Color Splash since the summer. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too advanced for an impatient 6-year old, so it’s mainly been Dennis playing it.



Bella had been showing interest in Kirby, a game that I grew up with. Santa decided to bring her Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. She’s played it once. However, I thoroughly enjoy the game!



Another gift that she received was this Barbie Flippin’ Fun Gymnast playset. She LOVES this and has been playing with it pretty much every day.



Another game that she requested was Mario Party Star Rush. Unlike the other two games mentioned previously, Bella plays it regularly. It’s enough to challenge her, but is also appropriate for her age. She’s obsessed with Princess Peach!



Even though she opened this on Christmas morning, this gift was from her Grammy, her great-grandmother/my grandmother. She was asking her Grammy for the Luigi’s Mansion game for the 3DS for a few weeks and was grinning from ear to ear when she saw that she actually got it for Christmas! This game is one of her favorites now.



Bella is obsessed with the movie The Secret Life of Pets. It’s become one of those movies that she watches over and over…and over and over again. She was thrilled to see this Mini Pets Apartment as one of the presents that Santa brought!



Many girls are loving Elena of Avalor this year, and Bella is no different! She sings the theme song every chance she gets! This Elena doll was perfect for her!



The big gift that Santa bought was a Nintendo 3DS with the Mario cover. This was a giant HIT!



Another game that Bella is obsessed with is Splatoon. Her favorite characters in the game are known as The Squid Sisters – Callie and Marie. I looked everywhere online to see if I could find the plush dolls at a reasonable price, and I was able to score two for $35 on eBay. On Amazon, they’re $35 EACH. In-friggin-sane.



Since I live over a thousand miles away from home, I don’t get to see my mom often. She visits twice a year, with the week after Christmas being one of those times. Bella sure racked up with her Nana, along with the gifts my mom brought from other family members! She received a Hello Kitty activity book and a Hans Christian Anderson book from her Aunt Paula and Uncle Kenny and a Wonder Woman doll from her PawPaw. From her Nana, she received a Wet Brush, a Frozen magnetic activity set, a Star Wars shirt, a Tinkerbell shirt, a makeup kit, two small Barbie dolls, a Disney Princess calendar, a wireless speaker and a Frozen karaoke machine (not pictured).



For the few months leading up to Christmas, Bella has been asking for a Baby Alive doll. She wanted one that looked like her, unlike the blonde doll she had when she was younger. Her CoCo sent her a Christmas gift, and it just so happen to be a Baby Alive doll. Bella was ecstatic and is constantly rocking her and burping her. It’s the sweetest thing and hopefully good practice for when she has a little sibling of her own!



Hope you enjoyed!

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