3 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Healthy and Happy!

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As many of you are aware, I have three Australian Cairn Terriers named Russo (3), Abbie and Brodie (4). Part of my job as a responsible pet owner is ensuring that they live their lives as healthy and happy as possible. I do it out of sheer, compassionate love for my pooches!

There are a few easy ways you can encourage a healthy, happy lifestyle for your four-legged friends.

Daily quality nutrition

As humans, we know that when we eat a clean, nutritious diet, our bodies feel so much better. When we replace the fries and the ice cream with baked chicken and fresh vegetables, we’re able to go about our daily lives without feeling sluggish. Dogs are the same way! In order for them to feel their best, they need proper nutrition for their age and/or size.We recently made the switch to Hill’s® Science Diet®, and although they were consuming a balanced diet previously, I noticed a big change in all three of my dog’s energy levels and demeanor. Instead of lounging on the couch catching many, many hours of Z’s, they were anxiously awaiting to go outside and release all that newfound energy!


Daily walks and exercise

Another way for your pet to become more active and healthy is by going for daily walks. This can be in the morning as you’re walking your child to school, or it could be in the evening as a family (or peaceful, quiet bonding time between you and your dog(s)). Your dogs will not only get some cardio in, but they’ll breathe in fresh air and perhaps even socialize with other dogs. Don’t have the time or energy for a walk after a long, grueling day? There are other ways your dogs can burn off steam, including playing fetch in the backyard with his favorite ball or stick!


Regular vet checkups

Just like humans, dogs need to see their own doctor (err…veterinarian) on a regular basis to receive a clean bill of health and learn how to keep their individual problems in check – either through diet and exercise or medications.

I’m no stranger to vet bills. They can get rather pricey, especially when you have multiple pets like I do. I have SIX pets! Nevertheless, it’s crucially important to stay up-to-date with preventative care. In combination with the Healthier Pets. Happier Lives initiative, Hill’s® is sponsoring a sweepstakes to help alleviate the financial struggle that veterinary costs can bring on. For 100 days, Hill’s® will select 100 winners to receive $100 to offset those veterinary costs!

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