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Vampires have been an interest of mine for quite some time. Long before Twilight. It used to be something that many people refrained from discussing, however with the media…vampires are becoming the new “in” thing. With vampires being the new “in” thing, kids are also wanting to be included. Vamplets can allow kids to be involved with the vampire movement, without any sex scenes and whatnot. Vamplets are baby vampyres that drink Disappearing Bottle Blood.
About Vamplets
Our mission: We are a small but dedicated group who are looking for suitable resting places for Vamplets. We have worked tirelessly to create a place for those of you who would dare to enjoy the undead embrace of your own baby Vamprye.
We encourage you to explore the World Of Gloomvania, the shop and all they have to offer.

Just a word of caution: we suggest avoiding the department of Deportransmutation lest you are considering joining the ranks of the undead.

Last warning: Do not be fooled! These sweet little babies are rotten to the core.

For my review, I was sent Count Vlad Von Gloom. This little guy is so cute but so cruel, descended from Drac, blood is always his favorite snack! He is descended from a direct line that dates back to Count Dracula. Therefore he is arrogant…he’s royalty after all! He is never full when fed. Keep a full warm bottle of blood handy at all times. This is a warning! Vlad is totally fussy about his appearance. A stray drop of blood on his diaper can cause a tantrum. If a tantrum occurs quickly place him on his bed of nails. This is a favorite among his many torture device playthings. Count Vlad Von Gloom is 8 inches tall. 
I love that this Vamplet comes in a coffin-like box. My daughter’s nickname is “VampBaby” because she likes to bite me, especially on my neck. I think Count Vlad Von Gloom likes Isabella…and vice versa. She couldn’t stop holding and cuddling with him!
This “rotten” toy is probably better for children over 3. However, Isabella being a fellow Vampire…I think she needed another Vampire baby to keep her company. 

I also loved the little note that Beth (the Nightcare Nanny) sent along with Count Vlad Von Gloom:
We are so sorry you have been chosen to be the unfortunate guardian to one or more of our little bundles of misery. We sympathize with your burden but take no responsibility for your decision or the outcome of such an action. It is therefore our solemn duty to alert you to the possible dreadful results of bringing a Vamplet into your home. Please consult Hall of Horrors for individual warnings! Click on the framed portrait of your Vamplet and the warning will appear)

We suggest you keep on hand at all times a bottle of blood, a sturdy cage or chains, and an escape-proof coffin for your Baby Vampyre. You have been warned.

Immortally Yours,
Beth DeSangue

I was also sent a Disappearing Bottle of Blood. If your vamplet gets hungry, you’ll want the Vamplets Disappearing Bottle of Blood to settle her tummy. Filled with red “blood” and capped with a black baby bottle nipple, this mysterious snack disappears as you feed it to your Vamplet! When it’s tipped back upright, the “blood” returns.
Beware unsuspecting mortal
in case you adore
These cute little babies
are rotten to the core
Sweet on the outside
venom within
Feed them their bottles
for blood lies within

Put them in Nightcare
if sleep you desire
A special place for caring
of tiny Vampyres.
If you find your pet missing
or  your best friend very pale
Beware of your vamplet
for feed they must
without fail!

Purchase It:
You can purchase a Baby Vampyre of your own by visiting Vamplets for $19.95.

Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) from Vamplets free of charge in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.


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    umm… you might want to start calling her vampIRE instead of vamp… you may be a little young to know what a vamp is, but it's not good, haha. :))

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