Tropical Traditions’ Glass and Surface Cleaner – Review and #Giveaway – CLOSED

When I first read about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil, I asked my wife Marianita, who grew up on a coconut plantation in the Philippines, if there was a more natural way to extract the oil from the coconut, so that we didn’t have to buy the refined coconut oils found in all the stores in the Philippines. She said there was a method the older generation used to extract the oil by grating the fresh coconut, extracting the coconut milk, and then letting the coconut milk stand in a covered container for about 24 hours. After about 24 hours, the oil naturally separates from the water producing a crystal clear oil that retains the full scent and taste of coconuts. So we started making our coconut oil that way and using it for our cooking needs with our three children. We couldn’t believe how wonderful it tasted, and how great we felt. We had been living on Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines for almost two years by that time, and in the year 2000 telephone service was provided to our rural farming community, allowing me to put up a website about our Philippine Herbs. I decided to also put our Virgin Coconut Oil up on the website, not really expecting people to order it because it was a bit expensive since we had to hire people to make the oil, and shipping cost a lot because of the weight. We were so surprised when people started ordering, and then re-ordering it because they felt so great after using it! They told us there was no other coconut oil like it on the market. (See a sample of testimonies.)

This time, I received Tropical Traditions’ Glass and Surface Cleaner. I was expecting great things, since every product I’ve reviewed from Tropical Traditions has been excellent. Of course, the Glass and Surface Cleaner was no different. It exceeded my expectations, and that’s truly saying something. 
  • No ammonia, alcohol or harsh volatile solvents
  • 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • No rinsing required
  • Non-streaking
  • No fragrance or dye added

The cleaners I’ve used previously had such heavy fumes from all the harsh and harmful chemicals. I could hardly breathe after cleaning my bathroom! I certainly didn’t want my daughter anywhere near it until it died down. Thank goodness I’m not really potty training her or this would be a mess! 

The Glass and Surface Cleaner uses a Revolutionary Technology which guards your health from harmful irritants and inhalants yet effortlessly cleans glass and most surfaces without the use of ammonia, alcohol or harsh, volatile solvents traditionally found in most glass and surface cleaners; even those labeled “natural”. The Glass and Surface Cleaner contains NO frgrances or dyes.

Spray Guardian directly onto glass or surface to be cleaned. For a fast drying, streak free finish, wipe with a lean, lint free, dry clot. No rinsing is necessary! Guardian can be used on ALL glass included treated glass, auto windshields, Plexiglas, light fixtures and mirrors. It can also be used on chrome, appliances, vinyl, stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, countertops, walls, floors and more! It is ideal for computers and computer screens (spray onto cloth and wipe). If unsure about a surface, just test in a small hidden area first.

Purchase It:
You can purchase a 32oz bottle of Glass and Surface Cleaner, which is normally $10, for $6.95.

One LUCKY Beautifully BellaFaith reader is going to win a 32oz bottle of Glass and Surface Cleaner of their own! The giveaway will end 12/28. Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another will be drawn. Good luck!! (:


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