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It seems like so many people in my life are expecting. I can’t help but to be a tad bit jealous. Waiting til after I have my nursing career established will be challenging, but absolutely worth it. Isabella will be 6-7 years old and will be in school. She won’t be able to be mommy’s little helper much, so I will have to rely on something else to aide me in soothing the new little one. Where do I turn? Tiny Love, of course!

When I found out that I was going to receive a My Nature Pals Gymini Activity Mat and Mobile, I was ecstatic. My cousin is expecting her first child due in March, and I am wanting to help her out as much as I can. Since her baby hasn’t made it’s debut yet, I decided to have my stepsister and my 4-month old niece, Harmony, to come over and test out the Gymini Activity Mat.

As soon as I had Harmony lay down on top of the mat, a smile instantly arose on her cute face. She was incredibly intrigued by the multitude of toys that were for her disposal. While she enjoyed all of the features, she had two favorites. Harmony loved the beaver rattle and the mirror. All babies tend to like looking at their reflection in mirrors, and Harmony was no different. I can’t help but remark on how this activity mat is SO much better than BOTH of Isabella’s, when she was little. They were cute, but the toys weren’t durable and she outgrew it fast. I can see my cousin’s baby being entertained by this mat for months!

The Gymini Activity Mat also includes a peek-a-boo dragonfly, easy-to-grasp bead rattle, colorful teether, frog rattle and crinkly beaver tail. If you think that’s great, wait until you hear what I have to say next. One of my favorite features is the Smart Motion System! It moves the toys to your baby! Harmony didn’t have to strain her tiny arms to reach the toys, which meant no fussy baby.

The activity mat also has a caterpillar on the side that plays 20 minutes of music and lights that are activated by baby. How neat!

The My Nature Pals Mobile was equally as adorable. The bright and colorful designs are captivating to both baby and mother. I’m an animal lover, and I was excited to see a few animal friends on this precious mobile. Can you believe that Isabella NEVER had a mobile? Probably one of the many reasons why she didn’t sleep a wink til she was nine months old.

The mobile plays 30 minutes of tunes – nine of them to be precise. The soothing music will allow your baby to drift into slumber with the greatest of ease. There is even an overhead light, along with the tummies of all of the creatures, which will calm down babies who are frightened in the dark. When my cousin’s baby gets older, the mobile can be transformed into a cribside music box and night light!

Whether you’re pregnant with your first, second or tenth, Tiny Love has products for ALL mothers {and babies}!

You can purchase the My Nature Pals Gymini Activity Mat for $59.99 and the Mobile for $44.99.

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