Tea Collection – Spring 2012 Collection, Inspired by Bali – Review!

Tea Collection has got to be one of my favorite stores for girl clothes. I love exploring their website and stumbling upon tons of cute outfits to add to my daughter’s wardrobe. You can definitely find something that appeals to you and your children. With the different styles they offer, your child will be looking quite fashionable!
I received a few samples of Tea’s Spring 2012 collection, which is inspired by Bali. The first piece I let Isabella model was the Starling Batik Playdress. Oh…my…goodness. I couldn’t stop commenting to Bella how absolutely adorable she looks. This dress is so fun and really compliments my daughter’s Italian skin tone beautifully. 
On this dress are playful pairs of tumbling starling birds and big floating blossoms. This dress has a bit of a bubble shape to it, which I’m a HUGE fan of! I requested a size 3T. While she has plenty of room to grow into it, it’s not so big as to where it drags on the floor…or the shoulders of the dress keep sliding off. Will she be able to fit into this dress when she’s 3? At this rate, maybe. She’s on the small side!
The bright colors are perfect for the upcoming spring season. Great for playing outdoors in the warm sunshine! 

 The next piece I had Bella try on was the Ginger Flower Dress. This cotton jersey dress is so stunning. My mom and I kept saying that Bella looks like she belongs in Little House on the Prairie. The colors are soft, delicate and undeniably feminine. The little wrap yoke neck is just precious. 

Then, I added the Skinny Capri Leggings and Zippy Hoodie. These are the perfect layering pieces to the Ginger Flower Dress. The Skinny Capri Leggings provide warmth on chilly days, and the Zippy Hoodie keep her little upper half cozy. My daughter has chunky thighs but a tiny waist. So the leggings were perfectly sized to a T. 
The Skinny Capri Leggings are lightweight and has great stretchability! The Zippy Hoodie is soft and is of high quality. It seems VERY durable and long-lasting!

Starling Batik Playdress: $30
Ginger Flower Dress: $39
Skinny Capri Leggings: $22
Zippy Hoodie: $39

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    i've seen a lot from this company and really love their clothes- the sales are great too! whatadorable oufits for your little girl; thanks for the review!

    annae07 at aol dot com

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