Disney World Tipping Tips!

I know what some of y'all are thinking. "I just spent a couple grand on this epic vacation. Why am I going to shell out even more money for tips on meals and housekeeping?" I get it. I do. The value of a dollar is plummeting while the cost is living is steadily rising. This Disney trip of yours might be "once in a lifetime", and you struggled to save for many years in ... Read More

Tips for First Timers at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World (WDW) can be very overwhelming, even for seasoned veterans, but especially for first timers. WDW is gigantic and covers four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping district called Disney Springs, and more than 25 on-property resorts. Below are 9 tips that will help your Disney vacation go more smoothly! .   1. Don't over do it. There is a bazillion ... Read More

Toddler Friendly Rides at Disney World

  . Disney World is for kids of all ages - from 9 months to 99 years. While most of the awe-inspiring rides at Disney World are geared towards children, there are still precautions you should take when boarding your toddler on a ride. As with all things toddler related, a ride that I listed below may not be well-received by your toddler. You know your kiddo more than ... Read More