Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away! | Juliana’s First Birthday Party

Sunny days sweeping the clouds away…

On my way, to where the air is sweet…

Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street?


As I’ve previously mentioned in past blog posts concerning Juliana’s first birthday party, I was on a very tight budget. Most of the decor items you’ll see in this post are homemade.

This personalized Sesame Street sign pole was an extremely last minute project. It came about by happenstance. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been searching for a green pool noodle for this particular idea. Since Juliana’s birthday falls at the beginning of fall, all the summer toys are off the shelves and nowhere to be found – including the ever so elusive green pool noodle.

I was wrapping all of Juliana’s birthday presents very late the night before her party, and Dennis saw all the cardboard rolls from the wrapping paper and gave me the idea to use them for the pole instead of a pool noodle. Genius! Now, it’s not perfect, and I wish I could have dedicated more time to it (read: not trying to create it at 1AM the night before), but it was still super cute and received lots of compliments. I’m going to tidy it up and produce a simple tutorial for this DIY project within the next week or so.

Another extremely last minute idea were these footprints I sat out from the curb in front of my house up to the door in my carport. I cut out footprints for Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo. Of course, Big Bird had larger strides than the rest since he’s…what…8 feet tall? Lol!

On the other side of the carport was Oscar’s Tin Can Knockdown! I spent about a week making all of them, and they turned out absolutely adorable! I’ll be doing a tutorial for this Sesame Street themed party game, along with printables! We used cans from Juliana’s crunchy snacks, but you can use any can that’s similar in shape (coffee cans, tin cans, etc).

This was the first project that I took on when planning for Juliana’s first birthday party. I worked on it on and off for a month. Safe to say – there was a lot of procrastination involved! LOL! I spent too much time on it to chunk it, so it’s going to stay in my attic for life.

I wasn’t expecting the Oscar the Grouch trashcan set-up to be such a hit, but all of the guests thought it was clever. The Oscar pom pom was part of a set of pom poms that I made for the party.

I did a tutorial for these Elmo Party Cups a few days ago, and everyone commented on how cute they were! Little did they know that I only spent $2 on it! The red plastic cups and the googly eyes were all purchased from Dollar Tree. I already had construction paper, scissors and glue on hand.

We also had Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Punch on hand! Although it was more “for looks” since it wasn’t actual punch, everyone thought it was a very creative idea. If I had more time, I would’ve made real punch, but you live and you learn!

C is for Cookie!!

These Cookie Monster cupcakes were such a success! I don’t claim to be an expert baker (it is something I want to improve on though!), but they turned out yummy regardless. The kids in particular really enjoyed them!

If you’ve watched Elmo’s World, you know all about his goldfish, Dorothy. We picked four up from our local Petco. Yes, four. We wanted to make sure that all of them made it for the party. Luckily, they all made it, but the smallest one passed last night. 🙁

We splurged on this giant Elmo balloon from Party City ($20), and it’s still gliding around our living room. Juliana loves to grab Elmo’s hand and drag him to different areas of the house. I’m pretty sure he’ll be sticking around for a few weeks!

We also purchased this darling Sesame Street-themed monthly photo decoration from Party City for about $7. Yes, there’s Halloween decor in the way. Yes, she’s wearing Minnie Mouse ears in her photos at her Sesame Street birthday party.

One DIY project that I was excited to make were these Sesame Street pom poms. They were incredibly easy and cheap to make! I’ll be doing a tutorial on the blog for these bad boys too! I chose to just set them on top of my stove vent, but they could effortlessly be hung also.

Other items we purchased at Party City was this adorable party hat and high chair banner. Although the high chair banner was darling, it was hard to make it stay on the high chair, regardless of how much tape I used.

While shopping at Target two weeks ago, we found a Sesame Street birthday party guestbook! We weren’t even in the market for a guestbook, but I was ecstatic when Dennis showed me his find. I’m overly sentimental, so I just haaaad to have it! Everyone signed a little note for her to look back on in the years to come. I love looking at items from my childhood, and I’m hoping Juliana will be the same way.

I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest for Elmo party favors! Elmo loves his goldfish and his crayons too, so I incorporated cheesy goldfish and a small pack of crayons into Juliana’s party favors. I frequently browse the aisles of Dollar Tree, and I saw these small caddys that I knew would be perfect. In addition to goldfish and crayons, I also added Swedish Fish to the mix!

Ya know…for someone who has had cake prior to her first birthday, she didn’t seem to want to dive into her smash cake. Juliana cautiously stuck her fingers in the cake and managed to get frosting all over her face, but surprisingly, the majority of the cake was still in tact!

Juliana had such a magical first birthday party filled with loved ones, good food, fun new toys and her Sesame Street pals surrounding her. I know I’ve been ranting about not having the funds to throw a huge bash, but this (mainly) DIY birthday party turned out to be so much better. Not to sound cliche, but I cannot believe she’s 1. Time flies, and before I know it, we’ll be celebrating the next birthday and the one after that. It’s important to soak in as many precious moments as you can because it’s gone before you know it.

Happy birthday, Juliana. You make me so proud to be your mom.



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