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Back in high school, I was the girl who had a different hair color every week. My hair has been every color under the rainbow…and then some. I love bright colors in my hair! Back when I was blonde, it was very easy to add a dash of pink or blue in my bangs whenever I desired. I didn’t use hair dye. Hair dye was too much hassle for it to not last long. Spray dye just wasn’t an option. You want to know the truth? I used markers. Yes, ladies, MARKERS! Markers made the color last longer.
Streekers has that same concept as the markers I used did, except that Streekers doesn’t last as long (but, that’s the purpose of them!). Streekers is applied with a little brush. It is true temporary hair color. It’s liquid. It’s brushable. It washes out. The lighter your hair, the brighter the color. Colors are most vivid on blonde and blonde highlights. It is a stroke of genius at a moment’s notice. It’s so easy to apply with a sleek, sponge-tip applicator that ensures perfect coverage and control. Streekers can be used over mousse, gel, or wax and followed by hair spray. Best of all you can brush your hair after Streekers dried, and it won’t flake off. Your hair will be soft, and the color will remain vibrant. Streekers offers a range of 8 colorageous, style-popping shades. This gives you a lot of options with NO commitment.
For review, I was sent the red and pink colors. I noticed how vivid and bright these colors were. However, since I have dark brown hair…the colors aren’t that vivid and bright on my hair. This works better on BLONDE hair. Nevertheless, you can still notice a dark red color in my hair. Streekers bonds to the hair, unlike gel-based and spray-on colors, which only only coat the surface of the hair. There is no fading, no flaking, no mixing, no mess, no waiting, no worry, no commitment, NO KIDDING!

Streekers is so easy to use because of it’s sponge-tip applicator. All you do is lift hair up and away from the scalp in small sections. Keep the hair you don’t want colored AWAY from this section. Apply Streekers to dry hair from root to tip in long strokes. To remove, just shampoo and rinse!

Streekers does not contain ANY harsh chemicals. No ammonia or peroxide! 
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Purchase It:
You can purchase Streekers from their website! They retail for $10.95, plus $3.95 for shipping.
Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) from Streekers free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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    I can definitely see it in your hair! I have dark hair, so I never get to do any fun colors. I always wanted bright plum hair, but I don't want to bleach it to get there. These look fun though, and if they show up on dark hair (even if it's not as bright as on blonde), I'll have to give them a try. Thank you for the review!

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