Sparking Childhood Summer Nostalgia with Ellio’s Pizza

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Nothing brings back summer nostalgia quite like creating memories with my own child. As she’s growing up, I reminisce about the “good ol’ days” of my childhood, where life was simple and uninterrupted. We weren’t blinded by tablets or smart phones. We made mud pies that changed the color of our hands for days. We created Play-Doh flowers (adorably featured in the above photo of myself circa 1995). We had adventures in our own backyard that made what we saw on TV seem tame.


While my childhood and my daughter’s is quite different in a variety of ways, there is one striking similarity — Ellio’s Pizza. We both ate our fair share of pizza during the time that we were laying down the foundation of what our memories will be composed of. When I remember the fun events I attended or the happy summer days spent with my siblings, pizza seems to be the common denominator.

Ellio’s Pizza will be what my daughter looks back on when she’s older and have fond memories of that makes her smile with nostalgia.

Summer Nostalgia


Ellio’s Pizza, which was launched in Long Island, NY, is our go-to lunch time treat that is perfect to munch down on after a long dip in the pool. Bella can exhaust hours upon hours in our above-ground oasis of a pool, and that leads to her needing to fuel up for her second (or third…or fourth…or hundredth) wind.



Since Ellio’s Pizza is made with only the freshest ingredients, 100% real cheese and NO artificial flavors, I don’t feel guilty about feeding my child frozen goods, especially because it makes an excellent pairing in a well-balanced meal. Ellio’s Pepperoni Pizza can go side-by-side with healthy options, such as broccoli, kale chips, or a salad bowl.



I am an extremely busy mom. I not only have a 6-year old daughter, but also three dogs and four cats to juggle, as well as a significant other. That’s not even including my blog, my Etsy shop, my YouTube channels, and all of my other projects that I have in the works. I simply do not have the time to pull out all of the stops every single meal of every day. With Ellio’s, all I need to do is pre-heat the oven and pop the pizza in for approximately 15 minutes! 15 minutes is all it takes to make a delicious, mouth-watering meal for my family. What’s better than that during the hot summertime days?



Now that the temperatures are finally elevating, Bella has been splishing and splashing in the pool at least three days a week. The water is still freezing cold thanks to our backyard covered in trees and the surrounding buildings, but that doesn’t stop Bella from having the time of her life. When she’s done swimming to her heart’s content, she’s ready to come inside and eat her favorite meal ever.



Bella loves that Ellio’s Pizza comes in 9 slices, making each slice the perfect size for even the smallest hands to grab. We decided to go with the Pepperoni pizza and the Supreme pizza this time. Bella claimed the Pepperoni, of course, but Dennis is sure to love the Supreme! In addition to Pepperoni and Supreme, Ellio’s Pizza is also available in cheese, five cheese, Italian sausage and pepperoni, and extra cheese!

Want to try out Ellio’s Pizza and create special summertime memories with your child? Find a store near you using the locator at the top of Ellio’s website at



Leave a comment below with what sparks YOUR summertime nostalgia? Is it a game that you played with your siblings or an album that was the soundtrack to your summer as a child? Or was it a special food?

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