Sooth Sore Throats with Ease with Lolleez!

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Every year without fail, my 7-year old daughter, Bella, catches a pesky cold that lasts from November to January (I don’t remember the last time she wasn’t sick on Christmas…). It’s inevitable. I know it’s coming, yet I find myself being totally unprepared when November rolls around. 

Not this year, though. This year, I discovered Lolleez throat soothing pops!

This past weekend, Bella started complaining about common cold symptoms that were annoying her and preventing her from enjoying her day. One of those complaints was a sore throat. Sore throats can be quite debilitating in adults, but even moreso in children.

The idea behind Lolleez pops came from mom of 4 and health coach, Melissa Evans, who had difficulty finding a product that soothed her kids’ throats, yet eased her mind at the same time. Lolleez throat soothing organic pops are worry-free. Instead of being in the shape of a round ball, these pops are flat. This decreases the risk of choking drastically! It’s so nice not having to watch her like a hawk every time she has a lollipop!

Lolleez pops are different because they are made with USA Certified Organic ingredients that you can easily pronounce and understand, such as natural fruit pectin and organic honey! No more 20-letter ingredients that make your head scratch in confusion!

Bella thought that the Lolleez pops tasted amazing! She was a bit worried that these pops would taste like medicine, but after hearing that there were no cherry or grape flavors that often have a negative connotation associated with nasty traditional medicine, she was happy to give them a go. These pops come in three Bella-friendly flavors – watermelon, strawberry and orange mango! Strawberry was her favorite!

Not only do these pops taste good, but they work! Bella noted that her sore throat was feeling much better after consuming just one pop. I love being able to help soothe my daughter’s sore throat with an organic, worry-free product!

You can purchase Lolleez throat soothing pops at your local CVS, Stop & Shop and Babies R Us, as well as Amazon, for $6.99.

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