Why I Love My New Indian Mandala Tapestry From Sivana!

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My bedroom walls are boring. If I could describe the color of it with one word, it would be – dirty. I’m not sure what went on inside of Dennis’ head when he decided on this puke brown color, but that paint wouldn’t have touched these walls if I would’ve been around at the time. We will be painting over the awful beige-y brown color very soon, and I CANNOT wait for that glorious day where I actually look forward to being in my bedroom.

Until that day comes, I wanted to add a much needed pop of color to my room. One way to do that is by hanging up a tapestry on the wall. I was sent the Indian Mandala tapestry from Sivana, and I’ve been spending a lot more time in my bedroom than I usually do!



According to Sivana’s website – “The Mandala has come to be known as a word for a chart or geometric pattern that represents the universe symbolically or metaphysically.

This tapestry is the perfect size at 88 x 56 inches. It’s hanging right above our queen size bed, and it extends about a foot past it on both sides. It is made in India with 100% cotton. If you’d like to use this as a blanket to lay down on the sand at the beach or on the grass at the park, you absolutely could.



Another thing that I’m looking forward to is decorating my bedroom using the tapestry as the focal point. The colors are extremely vibrant and bold, and will be super easy to add other decor to match and look amazing.

In addition to being an excellent decor piece, I’ve also been using it as a backdrop for my new YouTube videos.



PURCHASE IT: The Indian Mandala Tapestry is available for $49 online via SivanaSpirit.com!

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