Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra – Review

About Simple Wishes
With years of combined experience at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy behind them, sisters Debra, Lydia, Joy and Keren were seamlessly suited to create and produce this professional-mother-friendly product. Now, with the launch of Simple Wishes, each sister has brought out her unique strength in the areas of apparel production, operations, web design and sales to make this family business thrive.

There’s undoubtedly something special about the bond between sisters. So when four spirited girls who grew to be successful young women decided to create a product that they — as new mothers — felt was missing from the market, there was quite simply no stopping them. Though the connection of this foursome is the foundation for their company, each sister brings her own unique strengths and talents to the table – resulting in a powerful professional force mixed with love, laughter and loads of creativity.

Simple Wishes kindly sent me one of their fabulous Hands Free Breast Pump Bras for me to review. While I am not currently breastfeeding, I do plan on it with baby number two! The bond that comes about from breastfeeding is merely incomparable. When I am expecting my next cuddlebug, I desire the best of the best, especially concerning nursing. Simple Wishes’ Hands Free Breast Pump Bra would be on the top of my WISHlist!

My first thoughts about pumping was – how am I going to pump while taking care of a toddler AND a newborn?! Simple with Simple Wishes! This Hands FREE Breast Pump Bra is a life saver! You can multi-task while wearing this without ANY problems. It is extremely comfortable and supportive. What I like most is the adjustable sizing. Shape of your breasts change while nursing, which is due to milk supply and weight fluctuations. The velcro back panel can be adjusted up to 10″ around the ribcage. 

The Hands Free Breast Pump Bra is very discreet. Four layers of fabric secure and maintain a tight seal for bottles. 

It also works for ALL electric pumps.

Purchase It:
You can purchase the Hands Free Breast Pump Bra in either black or pink for $39 via Simple Wishes’ website!

Be sure to check out Simple Wishes on Facebook and Twitter for updates, deals and promotions!

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