Shielo Leave In Protectant + Citrus Clear Gentle Cleanser Review


I’m very particular when it comes to my hair. If it doesn’t work well, I will toss it and never look back. My hair is so temperamental, it’s not even funny. I have very curly, dry, thick and coarse hair that is enemies with a brush. Since my hair is so unruly and curly, I often resort to using heating tools to calm down my locks. Heat damages hair, so I need something to protect my strands. Where do I turn to? Shielo Leave In Protectant. Oh my word, I LOVE this stuff. It protects your hair from harsh heat and is actually full of antioxidants that fortifies your hair. It also includes pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids that replenish your hair with vital nutrients, along with providing the protection it deserves. I flat iron my hair at least once a week, and this has been a true godsend. Before, after straightening my hair, it would get frizzy, and I’d have lots of fly-aways. But, with Shielo’s Leave In Protectant, my hair was smooth and oh so heavenly soft. I’m not looking back. This is my go to heat protectant spray from now on!


I also received Citrus Clear‘s Gentle Cleanser, which contains natural Tahitian lime in it. I always like to start my day with a good cleanser. I don’t tend to stray when it comes to skin care products because I come to find that whenever I switch, I experience break outs…which are no bueno. However, the gentle cleanser was in fact – gentle. I apply this every single morning, and my face feels so rejuvenated and extremely clean. What’s even more awesome is that this cleanser is hypoallergenic and made specifically for those with sensitive skin, like myself. I could definitely see myself purchasing this in the future!



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