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Disclosure: I received the products below in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Taking good care of your skin is important. Taking care of the planet is even more so.

Shea Terra Organics not only products an abundant array of skin care products, but they are also the backbone of economic sustainability across Africa. One way to help native Africans preserve their wildlife habitats is by having their indigenous healing ingredients shared around the world.



Shea Terra Organics kindly sent a few products for us to review, and I couldn’t have been more excited to try them out! We received Shea Nilotik’ Oil, Black Out!!! Blemish Wash, Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Shea Butter, and Moroccan Orange Blossom Beauty Water.



I’ve tried beauty water once before, and I absolutely loved it. Shea Terra Organics’ Moroccan Beauty Water was even better! The winter in NYC is always harsh, which makes for super dry skin, especially on my face since I can’t bundle that up with coats, gloves and scarves. Not only does this Moroccan Beauty Water help out with my dry skin, but it also provides anti-bacterial relief. The orange blossom scent leaves my skin smelling fresh and clean!



Another product from Shea Terra Organics that is incredible for dry skin (along with psoriasis and eczema) is their Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Shea Butter. This shea butter is made with ingredients that come straight from Africa. Unlike other shea butter products on the market, this stuff is actually legit. It’s not boiled OR fried! It’s machine pressed for maximum hygiene and purity.

I love to massage this cold pressed shea butter into my skin every day to keep it moisturized and smooth. It keeps my skin from drying out and chapping/flaking. Shea butter can also be used in hair to help stimulate growth.



The product that I was most pumped to test out was the Black Out!!! Blemish Wash. I desperately needed something to minimize my blemishes that I tend to get while pregnant, and this blemish wash was the right call for just that. And since I’m pregnant, I want to stray away from harsh chemicals that might cause more harm than good. Thanks to the willow bark, camwood and their authentic African black soap formula, all the dead skin and bacteria is washed away.



Last, but not least, Shea Terra Organics’ Shea Nitolik’ Oil proves to be a must-have product in my life. Although it may have a variety of uses, such as improving skin tone, decreasing the appearance of stretch marks and for using as massage/bath oil, I love to use this for my hair. It conditions my hair, leaving it soft and well-nourished.



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