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One of the most magical things about Valentine’s Day are the thoughtful cards you receive from your loved ones. While I prefer those that have a touch of humor, I do adore heartfelt cards, as well. Whether you like funny or serious cards, Treat.com has nearly endless options for you and your special someone. They have unique cards that you won’t find anywhere else, including Photo Gifts. I was recently sent five cards for my loved ones from me. Okay, one person actually has two cards, but I couldn’t choose which one she’d like more, so I got both.



I selected two Valentine’s Day Cards for my 3-year old daughter, Isabella. I chose the one above because she’s all about princesses. With Treat.com, your cards are super customizable. You can add a photo and even change the text. I added a photo of my daughter and placed her face in the designated spot. I know when she sees this card, her face will light up with sheer joy. She loves seeing her image and name on cards and gifts!



The card above is for my mother from my daughter. I greatly enjoyed that I could add more than one photo to this card. It had four spots available, and I wanted to include three pictures of both of them, as well as one of just Isabella. I’m highly pleased with how this card turned out!



For my boyfriend, I decided to go with a comical card. It’s no secret that I love cheesecake more than a lot of humans. Especially since he lives in New York City, this is perfect. Maybe he’ll treat me to some good ol’ NY Cheesecake on Valentine’s Day?



The process to create all of these wonderful cards was quite simple. I was able to create each card in under 2-3 minutes. In addition to customizing the cards, I was able to choose whether I want them sent directly to my house for me to give personally or if I wanted them sent to the recepient. I chose to have them sent to me, as I see my mom and my daughter every day. I’m packing my boyfriend’s card with me on my trip to New York City on Tuesday!

Treat.com also has a thoughtful service where you’ll be alerted so you don’t miss important dates.

PROMO CODE: Use the code SENDMORELOVE to receive 3 cards for just $6! You must take advantage of this offer before 11am Pacific on 2/10/14 to receive it by Valentine’s Day. If you choose to use this promo code and order your special someone a Valentine’s Day card, be sure to take a photo of it, post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #SendMoreLove!

Which of your loved ones deserves a card?

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