Ruby’s Studio – When Miles Got Mad Book + The Friendship Show DVD Review

Raising a socially and emotionally well-rounded child is vitally important to me. Sure, the alphabet and numbers are crucial, but without being taught how to deal with tough emotional and social situations, they risk not succeeding in life. Right now, Isabella is very polite for her age (3) and shares well with her friends. I believe she became this way not only through my teachings, but through supplemental items like DVD’s and books.

I received two products from Ruby’s StudioWhen Miles Got Mad book and “The Friendship Show” DVD. Isabella tends to learn best through watching other kids moreso than me. It’s like it “clicks” better when those who are around her age do things – whether it be perform sign language, knock down bowling pins or simply swing on the “big girl” swing.ย 

When Miles Got Mad is an emotionally educational book about a boy named Miles who gets MAD when she’s younger brother breaks his absolute favorite toy. When he looks into the mirror, he doesn’t quite look like himself. Instead, his reflection is a “furry red monster with big round eyes and funny teeth”. The Mad Monster actually helps Miles calm down his anger by expressing his emotions with words.

I loved the message of this story. Although we might not see a furry red monster looking back at us in the mirror, we make ourselves look different when we blow up. To others (especially young children), we might seem like a monster because we didn’t use our words to tell why we are upset. This message is not only good for children, but adults as well.

I LOVE THIS DVD. I know that’s a strong statement, but Ruby makes learning about emotions and social etiquette easy for kids to master. She’s so fun! She welcomes kids into her art studio where they express their creativity, have fun and create (and maintain) friendships. Isabella seemed to enjoy the animated segments the best. The DVD teaches children about empathy, bullying, conflict resolution and the Golden Rule. All of these are so important in raising a well-rounded child.

You can purchase the When Miles Got Mad book for $12.95 and “The Friendship Studio” DVD for $16.99 from Ruby’s Studio!

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