QuickSmart 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet Review

Are you like me? Desiring products designed to make your life simpler, easier and more convenient? There are only so many hours in the day, and even less if you’re a mom. It’s as if the day ends right when it begins…unless your child wakes up at the crack of dawn. THEN it might be a long day! 😉 

I recently discovered this store called QuickSmart that has products geared towards babies, small children and their tired parents. I had a case of the “ooo’s” and “ahh’s”, I must admit.


I received the 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet to review, which is able to fold and velcro up into a nice, portable carrying bag! We don’t travel as much as we’d like, but we do love heading to Florida once a year during the summer. Of course, my 2-year old wouldn’t be able to fit into this bassinet, but I could imagine how useful this would be if I had a newborn or 3-month old! I would no longer have to pack a big bassinet or playpen so my little one would have a place to sleep. This travel bassinet is light, easy to tote around and is able to fit into the trunk – no matter how many bags you ALREADY have in there!

To make sure everything stays where it should be, there are buckles on each side. Unless you have small fingers like me, the buckles may be on the small side, but they don’t require much pressure to unlatch. After you unbuckle that part, all you have to do is unvelcro (I guess that’s the verb? LOL) in the middle, then velcro the flap to the sides and voila! The travel bassinet is a breeze to assemble. I wouldn’t even call it assembly, it’s THAT simple.

QuickSmart’s 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet includes a mattress, sheet and changing mat. I do feel like the mattress is paper thin, but for travel needs – this is perfect. 

Not only is this a wonderful bassinet for travelling or busy parents, but it makes for a deluxe changing mat, as well. When you’re on the road, you realize how disgusting and vile gas station restrooms are. I have enough horror stories for days! This is big enough for your baby to comfortably fit in, while small enough to rest on the backseat of your vehicle. You’re able to change your baby in the privacy (and safety) of your own car.


One of my favorite features was the FIVE storage compartments! Store your diapers, baby powder, wipes and more! These compartments are spacious, so you’re able to fit a great deal of items in them!

The QuickSmart 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet is one product I feel EVERY parent should have!

You can purchase QuickSmart’s 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet for $69.99 via Diapers.com!

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