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Plush Puffs vision is to offer the highest quality, all natural, intensely flavored marshmallows ever. This is a marshmallow that is not only good enough to eat on its own, but amazing when melted in hot drinks, used in any number of recipes and/or roasting applications. Each flavor is actually intensified when it is roasted. Quite simply: They want to provide a product that delights the senses.
For review, I received three of their delicious flavors: Luscious Lemony Meringue, Caramel Swirl, and Simply S’mores! Okay…first things first, my daughter is a HUGE marshmallow fan. I’m writing this review as Isabella is playing, and she keeps coming back to where I’m sitting for some more marshmallows. She’s currently working on the Caramel Swirl flavor, and it DEFINITELY gets her approval. 

The Luscious Lemony Meringue and Caramel Swirl contains 70 calories per 5 puffs. And, the Simply S’Mores flavor contains 80 calories per 5 puffs.
Luscious Lemony Meringue: If you ever taken pleasure from digging into a fluffy lemon meringue pie, you’ll love these all-natural tart favorites. Toast one on a ginger snap or melt into tea for an incredible sensation! And, like all Plush Puffs, they’re equally yummy right out of the package. This is the flavor that I’m snacking on, and it is so yummy. I don’t like my marshmallows dipped into anything, but it is so tasty just eating it out of the package. What I love is the fact that these marshmallows are gluten-free, fat-free and has no high fructose corn syrup.
Caramel Swirl: When their Caramel Swirl melts in your mouth, you get a small peek into a world of unfettered bliss. Now, roast it or dip it into a delicious dark chocolate fondue and the description of this experiences edges on one of obscenity. Like I said earlier, Isabella is in utter love over these scrumptious puffs. It is gluten-free and naturally low in fat, so I don’t have to worry about what it going into Isabella’s mouth. 
Simply S’Mores: No need to race around looking for grahams and chocolate anymore! They’ve put it all together for you. They began with their Vanilla Bean marshmallow and then mix in all-natural graham pieces, dust the whole thing with light cocoa powder and top it with chocolate chips. It contains no high fructose corn syrup, and it is naturally low in fat.
Plush Puffs offers more flavors that I am sure would be tasty! Strawberry Hibiscus, Maple Bacon, Vanilla Bean, and Peppi-Mint are just a few others!

Plush Puffs is offering one box of Plush Puffs (flavor of your choice based on availability) to one lucky reader.


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    I would love to try the Strawberry Hibiscus flavor. I just got my first order of Plush Puffs last week and teh Caramel ones are to die for! Love them!

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