Paper Plate Earth Day Craft

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Earth Day holds a special place in my heart. I do my best to be environmentally conscious due to the fact that we only have one Earth, and it won’t be here as we know it if we don’t take care of it. I’ve been instilling my love of science and the Earth into my daughter in hopes that she will grow to love the Earth and all it’s living things, as well. Here is a fun Earth Day craft that is cheap, easy and tons of fun for all ages!



What You’ll Need:
– Green construction paper
– White construction paper (printer paper works fine)
– Paint brush
Blue paint
Googly eyes
– Paper plate
– School glue
– Scissors
– Sharpie or a black marker




First, slather on the blue paint on the inside of the plate. Make sure to paint the outer ridges too. Bella doesn’t have a smock of her own, so I lent her one of my old shirts to wear instead. She said it made her feel like an artist.

She wondered why we’re painting the Earth blue. I asked what she thinks the blue is for, and she said all the water. The Earth consists of approximately 71% water! Although the land seems big, it pales in comparison to the amount of water covering our world.



Cut out the land with green construction paper. If you’re wanting to create a more accurate continents, you can. However, if you’re working with younger kids, cutting out three different shaped pieces works fine. Glue the pieces in the form of a face – two continents for eyes and one piece for the mouth.




Next, adhere a pair of googly eyes onto two of your continents.




Cut four long strands from the white construction paper and fold back and forth accordion-style. This is a great fine motor skills activity. My daughter had trouble with this step, so I helped her. After all four strands have been folded and unraveled, glue them to their respective limbs.




For extra flare, you can add a smile or lashes. Bella thought it would be cute if her Earth could be a girl, and mine a boy. She ran into her room to snag a bow from her stash and clipped it onto her plate. Isn’t it adorable?

Questions you can ask:

1. How many oceans does Earth have?
2. How many continents?
3. What are the four seasons?
4. How long does it take for the Earth to rotate on its axis?
5. What is something on Earth that you’d like to protect?
6. What is something you can do to take care of the Earth?



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