Pacifica Island Glow Luminizing Body Butter – REVIEW

“At the time, Brook was living in Bozeman, Montana, and had begun mixing her own fragrances from essential oils she bought at the local food co-op where her mother worked. It was a start, though one with no specific destination in sight. The path got a bit clearer when in the early nineties, she moved to Eugene, Oregon, to attend college. While there she began studying aromatherapy with what she calls an “eccentric” aroma-therapist who taught her all about natural fragrances and later bestowed on Brook her entire library. Yet, obsessed with perfuming, Brook found herself embarking on a very personal journey, creating fragrances that were like no other.”
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 For my review, I received an 8oz tube of Pacifica‘s Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter. First thing I noticed was how pretty the tube was! You can tell they took a look of time into creating it! It is made with coconut oil, pearls, and sea minerals, which allows your skin to shimmer and glow beautifully

I first tried it on two Fridays ago, when going out. Beware, when they say “luminizing” and “shimmer”…they mean it! My arms were so sparkly. I looked like a disco ball. Luckily, I love that! I’m a fan of shimmer, and this was too cool. The next time I put it on, I decided not to apply so much on. It was perfect! A little goes a LONG way. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t read before I try stuff out, but now I know better!

This generously sized tube is enough to last me quite a while! It brought me healthy moisture and instantly illuminated my skin with just-right shimmer. It contains ultra-nourishing phytonutrients and natural powerhouse ingredients that hydrates and makes my skin healthier and younger-acting long term.

The Luminizing Body Butter can be used for impeccably radiant and youthful legs and arms. It allows you to keep the summery scent of coconut year round!

Purchase It:
You can purchase this amazing Luminizing Body Butter for $24 at Pacifica‘s website or at Sephora stores nationwide.
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Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) from Pacifica Perfume free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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