Operation Baby Bump: Cycle Four Results


It’s that time of month again – my Operation Baby Bump results

For our fourth cycle TTC (click here to read all about TTC lingo), we decided to take a more relaxed approach. Meaning no temping, no OPKs, no incessant symptom spotting, and no (too) early pregnancy tests. We started DTD every other day beginning on CD11, and began increasing it to every day on CD15. We ceased DTD on a timed schedule on CD21. 

Unfortunately, AF arrived today. Right on time. I was praying for a Christmas miracle, since my ovulation time was during the week of Christmas (if not on Christmas). However, I’m trying to look on the bright side of things. I always said that I wanted an October baby, and perhaps I’ll get one.

If we get our BFP this cycle, the HEDD will be October 15th. Please send babydust my way! <3

Here’s what I’ll be doing differently for our FIFTH cycle: 

  • Resume using OPKs – I actually felt more stressed by NOT knowing when I ovulated. 
  • Drinking FertiliTea – I’ve researched this for a while, and I think this may help. I know it’s not a guaranteed, but I need a helping hand.



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