Operation Baby Bump – Cycle 1 Results


In September, we began trying to conceive my second [and his first] child. I will begin documenting my journey on my blog, but hopefully there won’t be too many monthly TTC updates. I would prefer to post weekly pregnancy updates instead! 

Let’s get to it…

Cycle 1 Results 

Not Pregnant


I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed. Heck, during my last cycle, I said I would be devastated if this wasn’t successful. My cycle was 43 days, and period was 12 days late. I am assuming that my period was late due to the stress of moving and the stress of beginning to try to conceive my second child. On top of that, my periods are still regulating from my IUD removal back in July. Read about the time my paragard IUD was stuck…or the time I had to get a hysteroscopy to remove the darn thing.

I started testing using internet cheapies (aka wondfos) at 5/6DPO. Even though I got mostly BFN after BFN [click here to learn what all these abbreviations stand for]. They weren’t all BFNs though, and you certainly couldn’t tell me that they were BFNs. I had a case of severe line eye. I swore I saw something on EVERY test…if I just squinted hard enough or tweaked it to the right amount. The nausea I experienced certainly didn’t help the cause.

There were these two tests, however, that truly stabbed me in the chest. I truly thought this was it. They weren’t naked to the non-test taker’s eye. I got congratulated when I posted the pictures on TTC Facebook and BabyCenter Community groups. I know that blue dye tests are unreliable and are notorious for false positives. I didn’t think it would happen to me, though.



Top test was from the night before the one on the bottom. 



When I missed my period, I knew that the chances of getting a BFP were slimming down, but I did maintain some hope because I didn’t get a BFP with Bella til I was a week late. 


What I’m doing different this cycle:

OPKs. I will begin testing for ovulation on CD8 (this Monday). I purchased 50 opks that came with 20 hpts for around $20 on Amazon


What I’m worried about this cycle:

– Dennis will be away on business smack dab in the middle of my predicted fertile window. My fertile window begins 10/19, and he’ll be gone from 10/21-10/25. I am hoping that I either ovulate earlier or after we returns. 

– More pregnancy announcements on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong. I am THRILLED that some of my Facebook friends have announced their pregnancy. I know my time will come, but it still cuts to the core. I want all that. I’m jealous. I’ll admit it.


HEDD if I become pregnant this cycle:

July 11th, 2016


  1. says

    I hope you get your BFP!!

    That first test in the picture (the top one) I don’t see anything, but I DEF see something on the bottom. I hate blue dye tests =/

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