Nine month appointment.

Today, Isabella and I went to her nine month well-baby checkup. She weighs in at 19.4lbs, and she’s 28 inches long. The doctor checked her and whatnot. Her ear pulling is nothing. She doesn’t have an ear infection. He said that it’s because she’s learning about her hand/eye coordination, and she just likes to pull on things. Her eyes…on the other hand, are not okay. She has strabismus, which is the misalignment of the eyes. Her pediatrician did test for psuedostrabismus, and that is not what she has. A major misconception is that babies will go out of being cross-eyed. Yes, if it’s just an optical illusion of being cross-eyed (psuedostrabismus). The bridge is perfectly spaced apart, so she has true strabismus. We go to the ophthalmologist on the 22nd of this month to have them determine how severe and what treatment is best for her. Here are some pictures that illustrate how her eyes go in.

The three options for treating her strabismus are: corrective lenses, patching, and surgery. I don’t want her to have surgery. When it’s babies and anesthesia…I’m very weary. She’s so little. Anything and everything can go wrong. Hell, even with older folks…things can go wrong. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious, but I guess I’ll find out on the 22nd.


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    Good Luck. And both my kids were ear pullers when they were tired. They were constantly pulling on their ears and had their fingers in their ears. Everyone kept trying to tell me they had ear infections, at which point I had to inform them that “No, they were just tired”. Usually, they would start whining just after that. Tired.
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    My oldest has this problem with her eyes too. It's genetic, I guess. But she has it so slight, they said glasses will correct it. My son had to have surgery at 6 mos old and he did really well. I was actually glad he did it at that age then when he was older because now he doesn't even remember it.

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