Need an Affordable Baby Wrap? Look No Further Than Wrapy!

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One of the things that I regret the most from my daughter’s babyhood is that I didn’t wear her. I had a carrier, but it was too difficult to put her inside the carrier without an extra set of hands. I wish I had done more research when it came to choosing a baby carrier. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know what I like and what I want to do with my next baby (that hopefully arrives sooner than later). I was recently sent a baby wrap from Wrapy, and I’m here to tell you all about my experience!



First off. the packaging is awesome! It doubles as a storage tote for when it’s no longer in use. Trust me – the wrap is huge and takes up a lot of space otherwise. Luckily, the bag that’s included functions quite well. 



The wrap is made out of an extra comfortable 95% cotton/5% spandex fabric. It’s honestly the softest fabric I’ve put against my body, and I feel satisfied knowing that this fabric will feel comfortable against my precious baby’s sensitive skin.



One of the reasons why I NEED a wrap with my next baby is because my almost 6-year old daughter requires a lot of my attention. It will be rather difficult holding a newborn or young baby while helping her with homework, bathing her, brushing her hair, and getting her ready for school in the mornings. Babies love to be close to Mommy, and Mommy never has enough hands. This wrap is the perfect compromise!

I am a clean freak, and one of my worries with wraps is that they won’t be able to get washed like other fabrics. My nerves were easily rested! The Wrapy baby wrap is machine washable and dryer safe! Hallelujah! 

Another worry of mine is that it wouldn’t fit my body AND baby’s body. I’m short, but I’m not slim. Thankfully, there’s plenty of fabric to go around! There’s enough fabric to wrap your baby into any angle and hold you prefer. Since I’m new to the whole baby wearing thing, the instructional booklet on how to wrap for different holds is included with the purchase of the Wrapy! 


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