My Top 3 Beauty Secrets for Those with Thick, Curly Hair!

It’s tough to maintain a sense of self when you have another human being to look after. Everything is always about them, so much so that we often put off taking care of ourselves. Over the past year or two, I’ve managed to work on my appearance to make it more presentable. Can you believe I actually ditched my beloved yoga pants [that were honestly never ever used for their intended purpose] almost 6 months ago? If you would have told me that a year ago, I would have laughed. Yoga pants were my crutch. It was well in my comfort zone that I desperately needed to step out of. It symbolized complacency in my life. I wear jeans now. I will never wear a dress except for funerals and weddings, but jeans is still a major step in the right direction! 

In addition to switching out the yoga pants, I’ve also come up with ways to tend to my hair without forking over a kidney to sell on the black market…or spending a lot of time and effort. These are my top three beauty secrets. 


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1. Conditioner is your best friend. I use deep conditioner about twice a week at night on my hair. I leave it in overnight or for a few hours, then rinse out. You wouldn’t believe my results. My hair is usually frizzy and poofy due to my hellacious curls, but since having a deep conditioning routine, it has calmed down drastically! 

2. Don’t wash your hair every day. I know, we’re told to keep our hair clean by washing it every single day. That is a super quick way to dry your hair out and strip it of vital oils. While everybody’s locks are different, I wash my hair every 2-3 days. Growing up, my hair was unruly, and I didn’t learn this secret til I was out of high school. My hair has never looked better since I stopped washing it so frequently. My curls are even bouncier!

3. Get acquainted with braids. All braids. I turn to braids when my hair just isn’t wanting to work with me. It keeps my hair tame, and when I take the braid out a few hours later, the resulting curls are BEAUTIFUL. I find that braided pigtails work better for those with super long and super thick hair like myself, as opposed to a single braid. 



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