My Paragard IUD is Stuck

Disclaimer: My experience is NOT typical; however, it is NOT uncommon. Please see your doctor if you think your IUD has become embedded into your uterus. Please do not attempt IUD self-removal.

I know my personal friends on Facebook are tired of hearing me jabber away about it, but alas – I’m also writing a blog post about it to document this whole process. 

It’s no secret that my desire to have baby #2 is sky high. My S/O and I decided that we’re at a spot in our lives where having a baby would be great thing. Babies are so precious, and I can definitely say that I would be much more prepared this go-around. 

, embedded-paragard


What the Paragard IUD looks like

I call my OB/GYN office on Monday (6/22/15) to schedule my annual, and I had planned to bring the topic of IUD removal up with my doctor during my appointment. They managed to squeeze me in on Friday (6/26/15). GREAT! I was beyond relieved I didn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment. 

Fast forward to today (Friday), and I’m so nervous. I was nervous that my doctor would say no (I don’t know why she would, but I’ve read stories online where doctors refuse to remove their patient’s IUDs) or she would make me wait til I was on my period, which I was previously told on the phone. After waiting what felt like an eternity, but was actually just 30 minutes, my doctor came into the exam room, asked how my summer was going, and if I had any problems with my Paragard IUD birth control. I told her straight-up that I wanted it out. She asked if it was because I was having problems with my period or if I wanted to conceive. I experienced none of the common problems with my Paragard IUD other than perhaps an onset of bipolar disorder (that has not been properly diagnosed yet) due to copper toxicity. After I told her I wanted to begin trying to conceive, she was all for removing it.  She reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt as bad coming out as it did going in, which was great since I didn’t feel any pain during insertion. I was SO HAPPY!!


“I’m…uh…I’m having difficulty getting it out.”

I was apparently her first patient where she couldn’t remove their IUD. Great. I didn’t know I was that unlucky. Let me tell you – having her dig around my cervix was almost unbearable. I will even go as far as saying that it was the second worst pain of my life, with child birth holding first place. 

My doctor tells me to go to the ultrasound waiting room. She said my IUD might have become embedded in my uterus. I’ve psyched myself out before my appointment with horror stories like this. This is supposed to be a rare complication, but of course – it happens to me, right?! 

I wait for about 15-20 minutes to get called back to the ultrasound room. The sonographer had a little bit of difficulty finding my IUD, but she DID find it. She also took a snapshot of my lovely right ovary, but also had minor difficulty finding my left one that was in hiding. I thought “Yay! Maybe it’ll come out!!” 


My doctor comes in with what looks like a whole toolbelt of instruments that’ll make me suffer in agony…and looks were not deceiving. My doctor is as sweet as can be, but the amount of pain I went through today makes me never want to see her again! But…I will have to since I need a hysteroscopy to get this stupid little bastard out of my uterus. I will hopefully receive a call on Monday to schedule my surgery, which will have to wait til after I return from NYC in a little over a week.



I was in TEARS over her trying to pull out my IUD. It just wouldn’t budge. The strings broke off…but the IUD was too attached to me to let go. I’m all for commitment, but not clingyness. We’ve been together for over 5 years now, and it’s time we went our separate ways. After my doctor left to let me dress, I broke down in tears, but not from pain. The tears were from having to wait even longer for this precious life that I know is wanting to appear in my life.

Thankfully, I will have pain management on my side during the hysteroscopy. My paperwork says general anesthesia in one spot, but says local in another. I will flatout demand general because I’m a baby with low pain tolerance. I asked a local mom group if anybody has ever had a hysteroscopy for IUD removal, and the responses range from “very painful” to “painless”. Let’s hope my experience falls into the latter category because I went through enough pain today to make me say hell with baby #2. 

After I left the office to get into my car, I felt extremely sore. It felt like I just had a baby, but had nothing to show for it…not even a copper T-shaped IUD in my hand. The pressure was (and still is) not comfortable. My doctor and sonographer said that my IUD is so low that I might expel it, and I pray that I do because I really don’t want surgery!!

This is how badly I want another baby. The pain we go through to have our babies, and to think I still have 9 months of pregnancy and hours of labor to go through! Boy, am I in for it! >.<

I will update this blog post with how my surgery goes, how soon after IUD removal I was able to conceive, and if the pregnancy “stuck”. 

July 20th 2015 UPDATE: I had my hysteroscopy! Click HERE to read about my experience!


  1. Danielle says

    Hi, I just read your blog post and I am going through the same thing with the removal. I was just wondering how yours went? Did you have problems conceiving?

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