My Hysteroscopy for IUD Removal Experience

On June 26th, 2015, I went into my OB/GYN clinic to get my Paragard IUD removed. My doctor was unable to remove my IUD, so I was scheduled for a hysteroscopy for July 20th, 2015 (today).


. hysteroscopy-iud-removal


Below is the rough estimated timeline of my hysteroscopy experience:

10:35AM: Checked in the surgery center, paid my copay and signed a few papers.

11:00AM: I was weighed (178lbs). I also had my vitals checked while the nurse asked me my medical life story.

11:02AM: Undressed and changed into gown. Placed cap over my super long hair and slipped uncomfortable socks on my feet. I also took a urine sample, even though I had a hard time going since I didn’t have much in my bladder.

11:05AM: The nurse tried to find a vein, but had difficulty. She flicked the top of my hands and inner elbows. She thought she found one in my left hand and stuck me with the numbing shot. Oh my, that burned. That vein didn’t want to cooperate, so she had me put both of my hands under the heating blanket to try to get them to show. After a few minutes, she checked my right hand, found a vein, stuck me with the numbing shot, and successfully got an IV going. YAY! The worst part is over.

11:15AM: My mom comes in and stays with me til my scheduled surgery time (12PM). When I’m in nerve-racking situations, I become quite comical. I cope with my fear and anxiety by making jokes. I kept jokingly getting on to my mom for getting too close to my IV line.

11:45AM: My anesthesiologist and nurse anethesist come in to assess me (heart, lungs, airways). They were both very nice.

11:50AM: My doctor came in to talk with me about the procedure. She is seriously the sweetest doctor ever. 

12:02PM: VALIUM TIME!!!!!!!!! Holy moly…I believe if everybody took valium RESPONSIBLY, the world would be a better place. They wheeled me to the operating room, and I felt loopy as all get out. I remember someone saying “yeah, valium sometimes gives people the giggles”. 

Now, the rest is really a blur (lol valium). I had to scooch over to the operating table. I remember them putting the EKG pads on my chest, and I remember them putting my arms on some type of boards. And…that was it. I was out like a light.

1:00PM: I was obviously in recovery. I could hear everybody, and when I blinked, I could see the curtains. I kept trying to fully wake up, but my eyes wouldn’t let me. 

1:10PM: BAM. AWAKE. WIDE AWAKE. I was anxiously waiting for my nurse to come by to give me something to drink. I was beyond thirsty. 

1:40PM: Nurse finally comes by to check on me and brings me some ginger ale. I’ve never had ginger ale, but at that point…they could have given me anything, and I would have chugged it down. She went to give my discharge papers to my mom, then came back to check my vitals one last time and to take out of IV. She helped me put a pad on my panties and to get dressed, but I could have easily done it myself.

I was really expecting to me in pain, but I was in absolutely no pain at all. After I got dressed, she wheelchaired me to my mom’s car. 

The entire procedure from check-in to discharge took approximately 3.5 hours. I’m now back home and still in no pain. The doctor prescribed me a week of antibiotics and advised me to start taking prenatal vitamins because…


When I got home and went into my room, I became very emotional and had a cry fest. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for this baby, and I’m not even pregnant yet. We will start trying in the fall. I absolutely cannot wait to document my TTC journey and of course my pregnancy journey! 

Update (6/14/16): We’ve been TTC for over 9 months with no luck. I was diagnosed with PCOS and secondary infertility in April. Praying every day that God blesses us with a baby.



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