My Gym Bag Essentials on a Budget

I consider myself lucky. I have a [small] gym in my basement with weights, benches and a treadmill. Even though my finances don’t allow for me to have a gym membership, I still manage to get a workout in at least three times a week. Packing my gym bag is a breeze. I only bring the essentials with me so I’m not loaded down with a bunch of random items, making it difficult to find what I REALLY use.

Here are my gym bag essentials…on a BUDGET!!



1. Reusable water bottle – What gym bag is complete without one? Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re plain cuter. You can use any brand, but Glasstic water bottles receive the preferential treatment from me!

2. A brush and hair elastics – After your sweat sesh, you might want to tidy up your up-do. Don’t forget to bring your brush and favorite hair ties with you!

3. Chap Stick – If you’re anything like me, your lips tend to chap when you’re working out. I always make sure to bring a tube or two of Chap Stick to prevent sore, chapped lips.

4. Essential Wipes – These can be used during or after your workout to freshen up. You don’t have to feel gross and sticky at the gym anymore.

5. Deodorant – This is one of the most crucial items on this list. Never leave home without some deodorant, especially when you’re headed to the gym of all places!

6. Phone with Earphones – There are two #firstworldproblems that you might face at the gym. One is forgetting your earphones and thus riding the elliptical in eerie silence, and two is being forced to listen to someone else’s music from their phone because they also forgot their earphones and lack common courtesy.




7. U by Kotex Fitness Products – You never know when your period may strike. It may even happen *gulp* at the gym, but no worries!  U by Kotex Fitness has your back. Their pads are made to provide comfortable protection for bodies in motion and shaped to fit and flex with your body throughout your entire workout routine. So long to pads that bunch together or slide off your undies. U by Kotex Fitness pads STAY in place!!  I’m now able to continue my workouts without worrying about my period. WIN/WIN.



Thanks to the $2 Ibotta coupon, you can visit your local Walgreens to purchase products from the U by Kotex Fitness line and make your gym bag even more budget-friendly!

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  1. Nicole says

    Urge how annoying forgetting your earphones! Great post pretty much similar bag myself except for a little bottle of hand sanitizer

  2. says

    This is a good list although maybe more for women. Although I’m curious as to the earbuds you use. I have a hard time with them staying in for working out.

  3. says

    U by Kotex used to be my favorite brand back when I needed these types of items. Lip Balm is always a necessity for me. Great gym bag items!

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