Moms! Boost Your Instagram Engagement with These Hashtags!

Are you a mom blogger, vlogger or a mom who enjoys simply posting amazing photos of their kids on Instagram?

Are you wondering why you’re not getting the killer engagement you want with boring, over-saturated hashtags like #mom or #kids?

I’ve been there.

I would perform all the magic tricks available trying to receive a decent amount of likes and comments. Even after utilizing different methods, my photos would only reach 30-40 likes and maaaybe 1 comment, if I was lucky.

I wanted to get my name and my brand out there to fellow moms and to companies.

After researching which hashtags actually perform the best, I decided to put them to use when posting my photos. Some users include hashtags in the initial caption. Some, like myself, choose to include them in the first comment.

One thing I learned – to receive optimum engagement, you need to abandon overused, basic hashtags.

Let go of #mom, #kids, #children, #instakids, #igmoms, and the like. Those hashtags produce thousands of photos per minute. You’re not going to get anywhere with those.

Use hashtags that have under 10 million posts. The fewer the posts submitted, the better. As long as it’s active!

Here is a list of hashtags that will boost your engagement on Instagram. Some are not mom-specific (ex: #seekthesimplicity and #pursuepretty). Some have more posts than I recommended above, but are great hashtags you might consider using regardless. You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags, so switch ’em out to see what works best for you!

    • #inbeautyandchaos = 854k posts
    • #honestlymothering = 123k posts
    • #myhonestmotherood = 104k posts
    • #ohheymamas = 34k posts
    • #unitedinmotherhood = 640k posts
    • #momphotographer = 51k posts
    • #candidchildhood = 5.6m posts
    • #clickinmoms = 3.7m posts
    • #momtog = 604k posts
    • #seekthesimplicity = 2.3m posts
    • #motherhoodthroughinstagram = 1.9m posts
    • #flashesofdelight = 10.3m posts
    • #liveauthentic = 26.8m posts
    • #magicofchildhood = 2.3m posts
    • #littlestoriesofmylife = 1.2m posts
    • #thismamaloves = 52k posts
    • #cameramama = 2.4m posts
    • #mom_hub = 2m posts
    • #pixel_kids = 2.4m posts
    • #pursuepretty = 8m posts
    • #photosinbetween = 937k posts
    • #petitejoys = 2.4m posts
    • #livethelittlethings = 7.6m posts

  • #thesparklediaries = 32k posts
  • #thehappynow = 10m posts
  • #mymotherhood = 82k posts
  • #celebrate_childhood = 333k posts
  • #adventuresofchildren = 201k posts
  • #childhoodunplugged = 7m posts
  • #documentyourdays = 1.9m posts
  • #thefamilynarrative = 86.4k posts
  • #myhappycapture = 203k posts
  • #motherhoodunplugged = 2.4m posts
  • #letthembelittle = 5.1m posts
  • #thingsiwanttoremember = 125k posts
  • #thesweetlifeunscripted = 113k posts
  • #raw_cuteness = 25.4k posts
  • #deeplyauthentic = 23.3k posts
  • #talesofthemoment = 17k posts
  • #snapfromtheheart = 31.5k posts
  • #thesnapsociety = 99.8k posts
  • #thehonestlens = 205k posts
  • #thesincerestoryteller = 671k posts

Know of any other hashtags that would be excellent to add to this list? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll add ’em!

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