MI-DEL Cookies – Review & Giveaway – Ends 11/16

About MI-DEL Cookies
Since 1947, MI-DEL has been satisfying the appetites of people like you who want snack products that are healthful, natural, and taste delicious. MI-DEL is a combination of old-fashioned recipes and new bakery methods that let us create better for you cookies that meet the latest health standards without giving up a yummy inch of taste.

Just in case spending time on our website makes you hungry, we hope you’ll find a store that carries MI-DEL. You can find us at the leading grocers that specialize in natural and organic foods, and in thousands of other stores.
MI-DEL Cookies kindly sent me three free product coupons to redeem. First, I chose Honey Grahams. I knew my daughter and I would enjoy them. It contains whole wheat flour and unsulphered molasses. I was happy to read that is does NOT have trans fat, refined sugars or artificial ingredients! All I could do was rave about the Honey Grahams! Unlike other all natural snack items, it had a lot of flavor. I wouldn’t be able to tell that it was all natural if I had not known. They were absolutely delicious!

Next, I tried out the Vanilla Snaps. I’m a vanilla freak, and I was craving SOMETHING vanilla so bad. I did not possess the ability to put these down. This goes great with ice cream, coffee or right out of the bag. It contains organic wheat flour, organic dehydrated cane juice and natural vanilla flavor. It does NOT contain trans fat, refined sugars and artificial ingredients.

Lastly, I got the Maple Munchies to review. These yummy shortbread cookies combine a traditional favorite with the rich taste of maple syrup. I LOVE how each pack has only 100 calories. It is made with maple syrup and enriched wheat flour. It doesn’t have trans fat or artificial ingredients. My grandpa went to town on the Maple Munchies! He commented on how we wants to keep purchasing them.

THREE lucky winners will receive a coupon for a free MI-DEL Cookie product!

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