Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water – Review

I have always been told to always take care of my skin – the earlier, the better. You’re never too young to give your skin a little TLC. Unfortunately, I have been unable to sustain a routine for longer than two days. I’m so forgetful, especially when it comes to my skin. I recently discovered a revolutionary product that I can see myself using on a regular basis!
I was sent one of Melvita’s best selling products – Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water – 3.38oz. Never have I ever heard of “extraordinary water”, but I was beyond stoked to try it out! 
The orange blossom scent is a bit strong, considering this is to be applied to your face. However, I happened to enjoy being entranced by the heavenly smell of orange blossoms! So, how does one use extraordinary water? You use this to prepare your skin for your daily moisturizer. It is enriched with soy-based hyaluronic acid and fig mucilage to moisturize your skin like never before. These botanicals will limit water loss!
I applied it once in the morning time and once around noon for about a week and a half – all before using my daytime moisturizer. It cooled my skin, and I definitely noticed a change in the texture and appearance of my skin. Vibrant, radiant, sexy! All three words describe how my skin LOOKED, and how I FELT!

According to a consumer test with 20 volunteers, 85% said that Melvita‘s extraordinary water left their skin moisturized, 90% said it left their skin supple and a perfect 100% said it left their skin feeling soft.
 I would have never guessed that this was organic before reading the label. I usually read all labels before application, but it must have slipped my mind. I only use organic and/or all-natural skincare products. This is an excellent addition to your daytime skincare routine, no matter if you’re into organics or not.
You can purchase Melvita’s Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water for $25!
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