Martial Fusion’s Kickboxing Cardio Power – Review

About Sensei Guillermo Gomez
The creator of Martial Fusion and a 4th degree black belt in Aikido certified by Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan), has trained martial arts for over 25 years in numerous places around the globe, including China’s legendary Shaolin Temple. Based in Miami, Florida, he teaches hundreds of students, police departments, private companies, corporate groups and top fitness clubs in the US and overseas.
His Martial Fusion Kids DVD’s are currently being used by the Miami-Dade County school system (the 4th largest in the country), as part of their physical education program. Sensei’s training sessions are seen in over 750 schools and after school programs nationwide and in 49 states through HOPSports Systems.

A featured consultant and industry expert, Sensei has appeared on several television shows including Univision, Telemundo, CNN, America TV, Jaime Bayly – Mega TV, Coral Gables TV and in international publications such as Fitness, Balance, Selecta and Black Belt Magazine. He is the star of 10 workout DVDs available in main retail stores nationwide.
As an international presenter has taught at numerous conventions worldwide including; Italy’s Rimini Wellness, London’s Multitrax, Washington’s DCAC, Miami’s ECA, AAAI/ISMA, New York City’s TSI Summit, Montreal’s Cardio Plein Air, Mexico’s Fitness Connection and Spain’s YPD Camp.
When Guillermo first discovered martial arts at a very young age, he found that the techniques and principles he was learning inside the dojo applied to all aspects of his life. Today, his teachings range from weight loss, health, fitness and self-discipline to relieving anxiety and stress, conquering fear, overcoming life’s obstacles and challenges, developing awareness and finding peace of mind.
Providing ancient wisdom for the modern world, Sensei Guillermo Gomez combines physical movement with mental exercises as a vehicle of self expression to help others improve their lives.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to lose weight and tone up. I received Martial Fusion’s Kickboxing Cardio Power DVD, and I can honestly say I’m on my way to my dream body! This workout is intense, but that’s exactly what I need to achieve my goal. Tone, up, slim down and burn fat with the HOTTEST fitness workout!
This kickboxing cardio power workout lasts 56 minutes. You will not stop moving or having fun during this fat blasting, calorie burning session designed to tone up and slim down your entire body and leave you feeling relaxed and energized. I was seriously sweating buckets during and after this workout. You will definitely feel the burn!

The DVD includes two bonus segments. The Kickboxing Basics segment lasts 4 minutes. You should watch this tutorial before you begin on proper form for your punches to make sure you maximize your results with this workout. Learn the basics behind kickboxing techniques and improve your skills with this brief overview. The other bonus segment is 10 minutes long. It includes a few martial arts drills that will help improve your agility, balance and coordination.

You can purchase the Kickboxing Cardio Power DVD for $19.99. 

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    I love love LOVE kickboxing!!! this sounds like a great way to lose weight or maintain the weight! it's great motivation to workout when you get a new dvd! i often 'treat' myself to one when i meet a goal- this looks like one i'd love to try.

    annae07 at aol dot com

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