Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick Review

Part of the reasoning behind my blog name is the fact that I’m a beauty nut. I love hair, nails, makeup and skin care. I try to make sure I never “let myself go”. Mally Beauty has just what I (and maybe you, too) need to look radiant and stylish.

For my review, Mally Beauty kindly sent me their Evercolor Shadow Stick in Plum. This was the perfect addition to my makeup dresser, and I was able to proudly display my face to the public. My low self-esteem mixed with a dash of confidence is a bit weird. However, by wearing this great color on my eyelids, I felt confident…along with my self-esteem boosted.

If you’re looking for eye color that lasts for a long time, Evercolor Shadow Stick is what you should get. It applies onto my eyelids with ease. Normally, I have to run the stick numerous times just for the faintest color. I crave heavily pigmented eyeshadows because my skin is oily and the color is absorbed into my skin. Never to be seen again (until I apply it again). The plum color complements my tan skin rather well, and I am truly happy with how it made my eyes sparkle.

Not only can the Evercolor Shadow Stick be used as eyeshadow, but also eye liner, primer and eyeshadow base. Instead of purchasing these products in the same color individually, money will be saved by purchasing just one of these shadow sticks for $25. A smart investment for the makeup saavy gals out there.

Among my friends, I am known for my signature cat-smokey eye. It’s the smokey eye with a feline twist. Because…everybody wants to be a cat cause the cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at. 😉 The plum shadow stick is perfect for creating the ever so popular smokey eye. The texture is creamy and allows for fine lines to be smoothed out. This is honestly one of my favorite makeup products that I have reviewed. By a landslide.

You can buy Mally Beauty’s Evercolor Shadow Stick for $25 each. There are 22 different shades available.

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  1. Krista says

    I am a user of many Mally Products. The Evercolor shadow stick is one of my favorites. Curretnly addicted to a champagne/lite bronze color, I think it’s called Twilight. It stays all day.
    Also a fan of the 24/7 eyeliner system at mally. Yes it does take 3 steps to apply but in the long run it’s a time saver because it lasts! no reapplying during the day. It even stays put thru an hour of Zumba.

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