Make Your Child’s Holiday Dreams Sweeter with Sweet Scented Pillow Pets!

Shopping for young kids during the holiday season can be tons of fun, but it can also be overwhelming since there’s so much available that you know they would love. My daughter is one of the easiest people to shop for since she is a grateful child and appreciates any gift she receives, which actually makes things HARDER. I often find myself buying more than I should!

Finding the perfect Christmas present just got simpler. Did you know that there are Sweet Scented Pillow Pets? One look (and sniff) will have your little one sold on this adorable gift idea!

Once Bella locked eyes on Pupcake while we were browsing the Pillow Pets website, the rest was history! She’s accumulated a few Pillow Pets over the years, but never one that smells like it came straight from a bakery. 

This Sweet Scented Pillow Pet is a perfect addition to any bed and would fit in nicely with the other stuffed animals that my child loves to pile on top of it. Bella enjoys laying her head on this Pillow Pet because it’s incredibly soft and has a scented patch on the paw that makes her whole bed smell AMAZING! The scents are made in the USA and from Earth friendly materials using sustained harvested trees and cotton.

Pillow Pets are made from chenille plush, making it the softest and most comfortable pillow your child will ever own! Pupcake quickly became Bella’s favorite night time cuddle buddy and something she looks forward to snuggling every time she lays down!

You can purchase a Sweet Scented Pillow Pet from their website for $19.99 and even personalize it for an additional $7.99!

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