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    Don't ya just love the mail man??!!

    Hi, stopping by on a blog hop….nice to find your blog. Would love for you to follow me back!

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    Hi Amber! I'm stopping by to follow you back! What a CUTE little girl you have!

    I see she wears bows!! I'm having a giveaway at my boutique. The link is on my personal blog. You should check it out! (not trying to advertise just wanted you to know!)

    Nice meeting you! Thanks for stopping by <3

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    Amberfaith what a beautiful daughter you have witha beautiful name (as have you).
    Many thanks for dropping by and following my mad blog. I hope you enjoy your visits to it. I'm a tad old for some of these giveaways but hey who knows – one day I might be a grandma (eeeeek!). Although the way my son acts some of these things would still be appropriate!
    Lovely to meet you, anyone who likes pretzels is fab in my book!)
    Oh yes, naturally I am following. Lots to see here so I am off to snoop about.
    Warm wishes

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    Hey found you at “give it to me monday” blog hop! doing a little self promotion cuz we are cool like that 😉 Be sure to come check out our blog ( WE FOLLOW BACK! have an awesome day!

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    That is awesome! I am your newest follower from the FMBT Hop 🙂 I hope you will check out my blog!


    P.S. Your little girl is so cute!!

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