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About Leonor Greyl
Behind the success of the LEONOR GREYL brand, there are all the ingredients of success: the expertise of more than 35 years in hair care treatment using only natural products, the passion of healthy and glamorous hair and the most important: the love of her profession. LEONOR GREYL is a brand, a range of hair care products, an Institute, a family business, where everyone is passionate about hair beauty. In 1968, after meeting her future husband Jean-Marie Greyl who has an extraordinary knowledge of botanicals, the pair created the LEONOR GREYL brand. In 1968, ‘natural’ was not yet the fashion but these natural products were a hit and continue to have success today. Some of original products are still some of the most popular and sought after treatments by prestigious hairdressers in Paris and worldwide: PALM OIL, WHEAT GERM OIL, MAGNOLIA, HONEY SHAMPOO, CREAM OF FLOWERS. LEONOR GREYL produces environmentally friendly products.
LEONOR GREYL is the brand specialist in hair treatments using only high grade natural ingredients – all environmentally safe. Created with delicate aromas and plant extracts, the products give our hair more brilliance, more glamour and more beauty.
LEONOR GREYL was the first to incorporate vitamins in her shampoos. Her signature Wheat Germ Oil was the first oil developed that washes and purifies scalp deficiencies while foaming with water contact. Leonor Greyl was also the first to formulate a gentle everyday use coal tar-free dandruff shampoo.

  • Innovative and high performance formulas appropriate for everyday use
  • Concentrated and non-aggressive products for specific use
  • Silicone and coal tar free products
  • Unique customized treatments specifically adapted to all hair or scalp conditions
  • All products contain deliciously aromatic fragrances of fruits and flowers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Each and every product provides several results: hydrates, softens, nourishes, and strengthens
  • No animal testing!
  • The results are immediate and spectacular
For my review, I was sent two products from Leonor GreylMousse Douceur Fleurs D’Oranger & Serum De Doie Sublimateur. The Mousse Douceur Fleurs D’Oranger is for hair and body care for babies. I was so stoked to try this out on my 16-month old. It is formulated with genuine orange blossom water. I was quite pleased at how well it cleansed and protected my daughter’s delicate skin. This is also to be used in baby’s hair! 

It is very mild and has a hypoallergenic formula that will not sting your baby’s precious eyes. The Mousse Douceur Fleurs D’Oranger can be used as often as necessary for all of your baby’s cleansing needs. The ingredients have been specially selected to fully respect baby’s sensitive scalp and skin. Presented in the form of a gentle and compact foam, this highly convenient product does not run during application. It enables easy, rapid rinsing and leaves baby’s skin and hair feeling more supple, softer and delicately scented.

I LOVED that it made my daughter’s hair feel softer and healthier. She took after me with little curls coming in! Curls need special care, and this product is perfect! It also did NOT dry out Bella’s skin.

  • Ecologically friendly
  • Sodium laureth sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • Not tested on animals

The Serum De Soie Sublimateur detangles, prevents frizz, protects and is a nourishing hairstyling serum. This hairstyling product with silk active ingredients may be used daily if necessary, applied to damp or dry hair. Serum De Soie Sublimateur creates the kind of sleekness that helps achieve all hairstyles: it facilitates blow-drying for a smoothed-down look, while at the same time protecting hair, or naturally restructures curls for a curly hairstyle. And, in all cases, it prevents frizz. In the sun, this product helps block UV rays. 

I have unruly curly hair, and this product helped contain them! The curls are definitely smoothed-down without being weighed down, which I like. It didn’t make my hair feel greasy! I am BEYOND pleased with the results!!

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Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product(s) from Leonor Greyl free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.


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