Learning All About the Sun with the Build-Your-Own Luci Solar Light Kit! | STEM Project for Kids

We were sent the Build-Your-Own Luci Solar Light Kit from MPOWERD in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own.

Bella and I are loving science experiments lately. STEM is such a vital part of our every day lives. Yes, numbers, letters, colors and shapes are important for early education, but to learn how something works is the start of something “more”. We were sent the Build-Your-Own Luci Solar Light Kit from MPOWERD to perform a few experiments involving the sun and solar energy. We also discovered some new facts along the way!

The BYOL Solar Light Kit comes with everything you need to create your very own light source – a solar panel, LED modules & USBs, a battery, a light board, a top cover and a handy dandy solar project book! The packaging is brilliant. It’s brightly colored and boldly labelled. On each box, there’s an interesting fact about the sun!


The first step in this activity was to connect the solar panel and the battery disk with the USB cable. Bella has fine motor delays, and this step in the activity provided real-world practice to strengthen those muscles. She surprised me by connecting the two together with just one try!

Before we moved on with our experiment, we were instructed to press the lightning bolt button on the side of the battery disk. It lit up like it was supposed to, so we were good to go and able to continue.

The next step was to connect the other side of the battery to the light board with the other USB cable. The beginnings of our light source was coming to fruition!

This was Bella’s favorite step of the entire activity – plugging the LEDs into the holes on top of the light board. She was so intrigued by which LED module illuminated which color. She plugged them in how she preferred, but you can create any combo that you like!

We’ve neared the end of experiment #1! Bella stacked the three tiers together by taking the light board and rotating it over the battery. We had to ensure that the four bumps on the bottom of the light board fit into the four holes on the top of the battery. Next, we rotated the light board and battery onto the solar panel.

Ta-da! We’re all done with building our own luci! Bella couldn’t wait to run upstairs into her room and place it on top of her dresser. She was incredibly proud of her creation and wanted to have it on display! We had a blast with this. I’m a strong believer in science being fun because if it’s not, then kids aren’t fully soaking it in. Kids need to tinker with their hands! This solar light kit is one way to bring excitement to STEM!

Since the next activity requires bright, sunny weather, we’re going to wait until these gloomy, rainy days are behind us. Stay tuned!


You can purchase the Build-Your-Own Luci Solar Light Kit for just $25.12 on Amazon! Stay connected with MPOWERD via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!


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