Maternity Safe Nail Polish? Sign Me Up! – Knocked Up Nails Review

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

One thing that I’m especially loving about my changing body is how fast my nails grow. Thanks hormones and prenatals!

Since they’re growing at a lovely pace, I like to keep them painted and pretty. However, I wanted something that was safe for pregnancy as traditional polishes are notorious for heavy fumes and nasty chemicals. One alternative is Knocked Up Nails, which is FREE of formaldehyde (a classified carcinogen), toluene (negatively affects the nervous system), dibutyl phthalate (possible human reproductive and developmental toxin), and camphor (causes eye, skin, nose irritation).



I received two bottles of Knocked Up Nail Polish – Still Rockin’ My Pink Bikini and one of their gorgeous blue shades. Wondering why the blue bottle not included in the picture and why I don’t remember the name? Well, I’m clumsy enough as it is, but when you throw in pregnancy and center of gravity being thrown off…I’m extra clumsy. I dropped the bottle, and it shattered all over my kitchen floor. Oops.

This occurred later on the same night that I had my gender reveal ultrasound. I didn’t find out the gender until two days later and had no idea that this was a sign that I’m staying a girl mom! Pink is here to stay (both gender and nail polish wise LOL).



Still Rockin’ My Pink bikini is the PERFECT shade of hot pink. My world has been taken over my the color pink, and I am fully embracing it – down to my nails! This is definitely going to be my go-to polish for the remainder of my pregnancy and probably even afterwards.

I only needed two light coats to create a dazzling set of nails that I felt proud of. What’s even better? They last well over a week before even the slightest hint of chipping. I work from home on my laptop all day every day, and that wears down my nails and quickens the chipping process, but Knocked Up Nails polish has kept my nails looking fresh and cute!



Knocked Up Nails isn’t just for the pregnant ladies. It can also be used by those suffering with allergies, cancer patients and children. My daughter saw me painting my nails and just had to have her nails painted with the same polish. She’s a girly girl through and through! <3


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Knocked Up Nails offers over 30 beautiful shades and is available for purchase online for $10 each!

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