Knocked-Up Fitness Review

I was one of those pregnant women. You know – the ones that think they’re eating for two and don’t exercise what. so. ever. I was a lazy pregnant lady. Labor day {not the holiday} comes around, and I’m stuck wondering why I’m pushing for three hours. Could it be because I didn’t keep up with my fitness during my pregnancy? There’s a great possibility. Light exercise while expecting helps you with your labor progress. I didn’t know that at the time or else I would have been exercising frequently! Knocked-Up Fitness provides DVDs for expectant mothers who are wanting to remain fit, healthy and active.

I was sent two DVDs to review, and since I’m not pregnant – I had my cousin test them out for me. She worked at Disney World for approximately 2-3 years. If you’ve ever been there on vacation {or have worked there also}, you know how strenuous of a job that can be. The parks are huge, which means LOTS of walking. This has helped my cousin develop an active lifestyle. She is currently pregnant with her first child, and she will find out the gender some time in October. To help her maintain her fitness, she utilized the two DVDs. One of the DVDs is Pilate-Infused Fitness, and the other is a Core Pilates Workout.

The Pilates-Infused Fitness DVD is a compilation of five 8-12 minute workouts. She found that since she’s pregnant, she’s out of breath sooner than usual. The workout lengths are perfect for the expecting mother, as they’re relatively short. You can even mix and match your workouts if you feel like extending it. However, please don’t strain yourself or overwork your body. Always ask a physician before starting ANY workout routine, ESPECIALLY if you’re pregnant.

Included in the Pilates-Infused Fitness are: Core Warm-Up, Prenatal Fitcamp, Pilates Arms, Pilates Legs and Total Body Pilates. You will need an exercise ball, 1-3lb set of dumbbells, a lightweight resistance band {which came with the DVD set} and a chair {or you can use a pillow}. Erica Ziel, the Pilates Instructor for these DVDs, demonstrates each move beautifully and skillfully. She even shows watchers how to moderate the intensity for an intermediate or advanced workout.

The Core Pilates Workout DVD includes two core pilates workouts – Core Cardio and Pilates Yoga. The Core Cardio workout is 12 minutes long, and the Pilates Yoga is 20 minutes long. These exercises are specially designed to help support the weight of your growing baby, in addition to prepping your body for labor, delivery and recovery. There is even a bonus section that delves into tips for a faster delivery and recovery. This is much-appreciated information for the momma-to-be! All women desire to have a quick labor and speedy recovery because let’s face it – labor HURTS!

My cousin now uses these DVDs about 2-4 times a week. We’ll see in March if they really helped with her labor and recovery!

You can purchase the Knocked-Up Fitness Combo Pack with Thera Band for $36.99 on Amazon. You can also purchase the DVDs individually for $18.50 each.

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