Juliana’s One Week Update!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot believe that my baby girl is already a week old (as of this past Thursday)! I know how quickly time flies, as it feels like it was just yesterday that my 7-year old was this tiny. I can’t wait to share all about Juliana and her growth and development over the next year or so. After all, my world revolves around her and her older sister, Bella!

Juliana is up .3oz from her birth weight – bringing her to 8lbs 13oz. She didn’t lose anything at the hospital, so she’s steadily gaining. I have a feeling those arm rolls are going to be more pronounced over the next few weeks and months to come! She had her first doctor appointment this past Thursday, and she’s healthy as can be, with the exception of a left hip click that we’ll be seeing an orthopedist for.


We’ve been having a tough go with nursing. Juliana is primarily formula fed, but she receives about 2-3 feedings of pumped breastmilk a day. I’m working on boosting my supply so I can exclusively pump all of her feedings in the near future.

When Juliana isn’t eating, she can be found sleeping. Usually on me, her dad or her Nana. We have a hard time putting her down because she’s just so darn cuddly! She sleeps in her cradle swing for naps, and then she sleeps next to me at night. We practice safe co-sleeping. She’s like clock-work most days/nights where she’ll sleep for two separate 4-hour stretches. Typically from 3AM-7AM and then from 11AM-3PM. Outside of those sleep stretches, she’s hardly ever awake for more than an hour at a time!

Juliana smiles and giggles in her sleep A LOT. It is the most swoon-worthy thing in the whole planet! I wonder what she’s dreaming about to make her such a happy baby?

She likes tummy time in small doses and is already trying to hold her head up and lift the front of her body up with her arms. It’s obviously too soon for her to be rolling over, but she does manage to alllllmost roll onto her side from her back.


She had her first bath this past Tuesday. Although she definitely cried in the beginning, she calmed down and enjoyed being pampered!

Stay tuned for the next update when Juliana is one month old!

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