Juliana’s 11 Month Update!

11 months…already…


What on Earth is going on? How is Juliana already almost a whole year old?! We’ve been busy planning her first birthday party. It’s been a bit disheartening because I want to do so much, but I just don’t have the time or the money to make it happen. I’ve been relying a lot on Dollar Tree to make my own decorations for her party. Luckily, we purchased a few of her presents before I lost an entire month’s worth of income.

But anyways – back to the update! Let’s get started!

Juliana is extremely active. She’s been walking since she was 8 months old, so she’s now moved on to full blown climbing, jumping, dancing, running, etc! If she’s not constantly moving, she’s not a happy girl. We’re constantly having to put more gates up and simply baby proof the house even more than it already was! She is not the kind that can sit still. So much so in fact, she refuses to sit in a high chair to eat her meals. She prefers to come to me to get a bite, go play, get a bite, go play, back and forth, back and forth. She does fine in a high chair at restaurants, but at home – HA! It’s a totally different story.

She is starting to say more words than her usual mama and dada. She can say kitty, cat, doggy, baba, baby, and up. We swear she’s also saying “sissy”, but we’re not quite sure that’s what she’s saying. I can’t wait for her vocabulary to expand by leaps and bounds in the coming months.

Juliana is a big fan of food. As she gets more teeth, the variety of food she consumes expands! Her favorite foods at the moment consist of eggs, crackers, any kind of soup and noodles, shredded carrots, and yogurt melts. She also enjoys eating things she’s not supposed to – like dirt, leaves, cat hair, crumbs from underneath the couch, gravel and much more. We try to be proactive and remove all choking hazards, but this girl’s FBI skills are unmatched. If there’s something small in the room that she’s in, even if it’s hidden from plain sight, she WILL find it and stick it in her mouth.

We’ve had to totally re-organize Bella’s toy room and securely store toys that are too small. Think Shopkins, tiny dolls, other blind bag goodies and more.

Juliana doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but when Elmo is on the screen, she is glued. She loves Elmo so much that her first birthday party is Sesame Street themed! Who knew it would be difficult to find Sesame Street toys. We found a few, but nothing like the selection that other shows have. Have you seen the Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig section in the toy aisles?!

Her life revolves around the three B’s:




Kind of like Dwight Shrute with Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, ya know?

I think that about wraps up her 11th month update! Stay tuned for her 1 year update and a first birthday party post/vlog! 🙂

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