Juliana’s 1 Year Update!

I no longer have a baby.



I mean, she’s still MY baby, and I’m sure people will still refer to her as a baby, but the fact that she’s not “technically” a baby is a bit heartbreaking.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching her grow and learn new things.

But I miss those beady eyes and that feathery hair.

I miss having to hold her head to protect her neck.

I miss watching her learn how to roll, how to sit, how to stand, how to pull up and how to walk. You yearn for those moments, but when they finally happen, you wish you cherished the moment more deeply. I learned that with my first, and even though I TRIED to cherish the moments (boy did I TRY), time still goes by just the same. The first year is still just 365 fleeting days.

If you know me, you know that I’m not one to stick with things.

Diets? I quit after two weeks.

Bella’s room? I’m still working on decluttering it from our move…last December.

Laundry? Yeah, that’s piled up.


But do you know what I stuck with? These monthly photos! I know, my mouth is wide open in shock and disbelief, too!

All but for the past three updates, I managed to snap her monthly photos on the exact day. This 12 month update photo was the latest I’ve been, and it was only by 5 days. She’s still 12 months though, right? 😛

Juliana loves: her family, Elmo, Sesame Street, blocks, balls, her bottle, music, her water table, my phone, jumping, climbing, running, dancing, her kitties and doggies, being cuddled with sleep, remote controls, balloons, and the trash can.

We recently celebrated her first birthday with a Sesame Street themed party! If you haven’t already, you should check out some of the DIY projects I have up so far, including C is for Cookie Monster Cupcakes, Elmo Party Cups and Elmo Party Plates! I’ll have other DIY tutorials from her birthday party up soon, like the Sesame Street lamp post, Sesame Street welcome sign, pom poms, Oscar’s Tin Can Knockdown and more.

One of her birthday presents was a water table that we scored from Facebook Marketplace for just $10. Up until she got that water table, she was deathly afraid of water. As you can imagine, bath time was a nightmare, and thus – far and few in between. The water table helped her overcome her fear of water, and she took a bath for the first time without screaming bloody murder! It’s a hot October here in Memphis, so we decided to have a fun pool/water day, and she got into the (baby) pool all by herself!! I’m going to have to come up with some indoor water activities so she doesn’t become fearful of water again.

Juliana hates: the vacuum cleaner, the can opener, the lawnmower, thunder, sitting still, being alone, someone attempting to lay her down, being told no, being redirected, and being changed.

As soon as she hears a loud sound (like those mentioned above), she speeds over to wherever I (or her dad, if I’m the one making the noise) is and clings onto us for dear life. She doesn’t even like to look at a vacuum cleaner!

We’ve been working on having her lay down by herself for nap time, but it hasn’t been a success yet. As soon as she is laid down, she wakes up and cries until someone picks her back up. She also has been throwing more tantrums lately, especially when told no or being redirected. She’s a very determined little girl, and redirecting only pisses her off even more.

Juliana’s favorite foods: She loves EVERYTHING!! Some of her favorites include crackers, rolls, carrots, applesauce, yogurt, eggs, any soup, and cat food LOL.

Words Juliana can say: She hasn’t said anything new this past month, and the words she did say the previous month, she doesn’t say anymore. The only word she says consistently is dada/daddy. She’ll say mama when she’s mad or hurt, but that’s it.

Two weeks ago, we FINALLY took our first family pictures, which kinda coincided with Juliana’s first year pictures. Our first family pictures were a long time coming. I only have a handful of pictures with my two girls, and even fewer with all four of us. We took my camera and my tripod to a local park and snapped away to my heart’s content. I don’t consider myself a pro by any means, but it’s nice to be able to take as many pictures as I want without a time or photo limit, ya know?

Juliana is growing up, and before I know it, she’ll be 8 years old like her sister is now, and I’ll be missing that sweet, precious baby that used to fit in my arms.


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