ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Ends 10/1

About Itzbeen
The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer has a host of helpful features all designed with the new parent in mind. As every new parent knows, your memory is one of the first things to go when a newborn arrives. The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer is a multi-purpose tool that helps you remember the basic details of baby care. ITZBEEN has four timers that count up with the touch of a button…so you will always know how long it’s been!
I received an Itzbeen Pocket Nanny of my own to review. I jumped up and down when it came in the mail. I’ve ALWAYS wanted something similar to this, and I got the chance to write a review for it! 
It has four simple timers that help new parents remember how long it’s been – diaper changes, feedings, sleep or awake, and medication. Another feature that I fell in love with is that it has a nursing reminder! It lets you know which breast you nursed with last. How nifty is that! The size of the Pocket Nanny is so convenient and perfect. It’s lightweight and the size of the traditional baby monitor.
  •   Soft glow nightlight – This helps you find your way around your baby’s room in the dark. It turns off after 7 minutes, so it doesn’t disturb the baby.
  • Nursing Reminder – This helps remember which side baby last fed from.
  • Button Lock – This prevents from accidentally resetting timers
  • Backlight – This lets you see the times in the dark
  • Optional Alarms – This allows you to set a maximum time limit for each timer task. This is perfect help for babysitters and sleep-deprived parents! If a time limit is reached, the appropriate timer button will light up to remind you. Turn the speaks switch on for audible beeps, too.
  • Back Clip – This makes Pocket Nanny totally portable on your diaper bag or pants.

This is an amazing little product that will change how you take care of your baby. This is especially great for multiples! Buy one for each child, label each with the baby’s name, and you’ll never get confused as to who you changed/fed last! Even with ONE baby, I sometimes lose track as to when I last changed or fed her. 

The ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny is NOT about putting babies on schedules, nor is it intended to relieve parents of their duty or responsibilities in assessing the needs of their baby. On the contrary, the goal was to develop a simple baby care timer that would help first-time moms and dads become better parents, and to make the job of being a new parent a little easier. I will be using this for my future babies!
At only $24.99, this is EXTREMELY affordable. I wish I would have known about this great product when I was pregnant with Isabella!

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